First CAMS-Institut Mérieux Young Investigators Award Presentation Ceremony Held in Beijing


On December 14, 2016, the CAMS-Institut Mérieux Young Investigators Award presentation ceremony was held for the first time in Beijing. A total of over 130 people attended the event, including CAMS President Xuetao Cao, BioMérieux Vice President Pascal Vincelot, representatives from Institut Mérieux, experts from CAMS, senior staff from each of CAMS’s institutes and graduate school, and young people in the CAMS science and technology fields.


Director Jianwei Wang of the Department of of Research Administration hosted the event. He warmly welcomed all who came, and explained the CAMS-Institut Mérieux Young Investigators Award, including its background, selection process, and results for 2016.

In his speech, Dr. Vincelot stated that CAMS and Institut Mérieux began collaboration in 2005 with the joint establishment of a lab for identifying new pathogens. The past eleven years of cooperation has resulted in remarkable achievements, making the lab a model for Sino-French cooperation in science and technology. Establishing another partnership through the CAMS-Institut Mérieux Young Investigators Award represents progress toward a deeper relationship. Institut Mérieux will continue to work closely with CAMS in making contributions to the health of humanity.


In his speech, President Cao congratulated Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology assistant researcher Congran Li for winning the award and appreciated Institut Mérieux’s contribution to the joint establishment of the award with CAMS, highly praising the cooperation between the two institutions. He stated that young scientists are the driving force of development at CAMS, that they are a major focus of cultivation by the school, and that they are the vitality behind the collaboration between CAMS and Institut Mérieux. He encouraged Congran Li and all others working in the science and technology fields at CAMS to carry on the glorious tradition of the school, shine with innovation, and unleash their potentials. He further encouraged them to work toward being at the forefront of their fields so as to make CAMS the core foundation of medical science and technology innovation in China and make newer, greater contributions.




President Cao and Dr. Vincelot jointly presented the winner, Congran Li, with the medal and award certificate.

The purpose of the CAMS-Institut Mérieux Young Investigators Award is to strengthen the ties between CAMS and Institut Mérieux in a concerted effort to cultivate and support young workers in the science and technology fields, encouraging them to contribute to the areas of public health, disease control, food safety, and hospital infection control. A further objective is to encourage them to work hard toward advancement, innovation, and greater achievements in their respective fields. Each year, one individual from CAMS will be selected as the award recipient, and this recipient will receive a prize of 10,000 euros from Institut Mérieux. This year, CAMS and Institut Mérieux decided to choose someone who has made outstanding achievements in the realm of antimicrobial resistance. Five institutes from CAMS nominated candidates, and after expert review, three of the candidates were selected to go to Institut Mérieux for a final round of judging. In the end, assistant researcher Congran Li from the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology was chosen as the winner.

 (Department of Research Administration)