President Cao and His Delegation Had Fruitful Trip to Oxford


On December 8-13, 2016, PUMC President Xuetao Cao visited Oxford University. The visit was made with a number of objectives: to thoroughly emulate the spirit of General Secretary Jinping Xi’s congratulatory letter, Premier Keqiang Li’s instructions, and the content of Vice Premier Yandong Liu’s speech during the CAMS 60th anniversary celebration; to take collaboration with Oxford to a higher level and expand into more fields as discussed in August by Chairperson Bin Li of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and Vice-Chancellor Louise Richardson of Oxford; to accelerate internationalization for PUMC; and to drive PUMC in its effort to become the core foundation of medical science and technology in China. Professor Xuan Zhang of the PUMC Hospital, Professors Chengyu Jiang and Bo Huang of the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Professor Jianwei Wang of the Institute of Pathogen Biology, and Professor Tao Cheng of the Blood Disease Hospital were with Cao on the trip.

The team first attended the 4th CAMS-Oxford University International Center for Translational Immunology Symposium. Professor Richard Cornall (deputy head of the Oxford University Medical Sciences Division), Professor Christopher Conlon (head of the Nuffield Department of Medicine), and Mr. Darren Nash (associate head of the Nuffield Department of Medicine) gave speeches. In his speech during the opening, President Cao stated that General Secretary Jinping Xi has given CAMS direction by calling on the school to become the core foundation of medical science and technology innovation in China in his congratulatory letter for the CAMS 60th anniversary celebration. This year, CAMS officially launched a historic opportunity for the school’s development: the Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Project. Currently, countries all over the globe are facing common health challenges, and consequently, all must join hands in creating a platform of cooperation to work toward an innovative collaboration system and contributions for the betterment of the health and well-being of humankind. Fourteen experts from CAMS and Oxford discussed their research accomplishments regarding inflammation regulation, hematologic diseases, autoimmune diseases, tumors, and infection as well as related collaboration opportunities.

During the visit, President Cao and Sir Ivor Crewe (the master of University College at Oxford), Professor Cornall, Professor Conlon, Mr. Nash, Director Jeremy Farrar of Wellcome Trust, and other leaders and experts discussed how to further medical science collaboration between China and the UK. They reached consensus on points including driving development of joint organization, cultivation of talent, and research collaboration. Based on an MOU signed in 2013, a new MOU was signed with both parties agreeing to the establishment of a CAMS-Oxford Joint lab, expanding the field of collaboration from the singular aspect of immunology to the broader arena of medical sciences. This will bring CAMS and Oxford closer together, and it will help CAMS become further integrated into the global “experimental field” while increasing momentum for better solutions to major global health problems.

President Cao and his delegation visited the joint lab provided by Oxford for CAMS to get a clear understanding of operations there, laying the foundation for practical collaboration.

This visit helped strengthen the ties of CAMS to a world-class university, expanding its field of collaboration while exploring new modes and providing momentum for practical work. In this way, a foundation has been laid to make CAMS into a world-class medical research organization.



Group photo of President Cao and his delegation with their Oxford counterparts at the 4th CAMS-Oxford University International Center for Translational Immunology Symposium.



President Cao and his delegation visit the joint lab at Oxford (Professor Tao Dong, Oxford director, is at the far right).



President Cao and Deputy Head Cornall of the Oxford University Medical Sciences Division sign the new MOU. Standing behind them are Deputy Head Nash of the Nuffield Department of Medicine (far left), Director Farrar of Wellcome Trust (second from left), Head Conlon of the Nuffield Department of Medicine (third from left), Director Enzo Cerundolo of the MRC Human Immunology Unit (third from right), and fellow of the Royal Society Sir Andrew McMichael (second from right).