German National Library of Medicine Director Ulrich Korwitz Visits Institute of Medical Information Library for Academic Exchange


With the support of PUMC’s  Key Introducing Overseas Intelligence Project, German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED) Director Ulrich Korwitz visited the library at the PUMC Institute of Medical Information for an academic exchange. Over 60 young scholars who are considered part of the backbone of PUMC attended.

Korwitz lectured on modern Western library architecture and spatial design, library appraisal and management, augmentation of library resources, and new developments in information services. Specific examples and methods as well as contemporary theory on the subject were discussed. He stated that ZB MED places importance on details and user-friendly management while emphasizing medical information research and actively promoting open-access practices. Such ideas were found to be worthy of consideration for use at PUMC.

Also invited to the event were Dean Lu Ma of the International School of Capital Medical University and Assistant Director Zhao Yan of the National Science Library at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to speak on the respective subjects of evaluation indicators in the medical disciplines and resource safeguards for research. Moreover, Jiao Li, Huiling Ren, and Wenjing Li respectively shared on the subjects of precise medical data collection, appraisal of information resource value, and research methods related to informatics. The exchange promoted greater understanding between the medical libraries of China and Germany and will drive future cooperation between the two in the fields including medical informatics and medical resource development.



 (Institute of Medical Information)