Plastic Surgery Hospital Holds Mobilization Meeting for Starting Reconstruction and Extension Projects


On the morning of April 20, 2018, the mobilization meeting for starting reconstruction and extension projects of the Plastic Surgery Hospital was officially held, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College (CAMS&PUMC) President Chen Wang, Vice President Zhongwei Zheng, heads of participating design, construction, supervision and auditing units as well as leaders of the hospital attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Weiping Zhao, Vice Director of the hospital.


Wang made a speech, saying that he is very glad to witness the important moment on such a festive occasion. He stressed that, for any hospital, a new building is where the hope for business development lies. For the Plastic Surgery Hospital, a top-notch specialized hospital in China and even in the world, today is a new beginning of the business development. Broadly speaking, plastic surgery is a very big discipline and is related to many disciplines. Especially, the development of reparative and reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine in contemporary medicine has provided the development of cosmetic medicine with an important opportunity. The completion of the new building is not only a sign of hope, but also provides a platform for better development of the hospital. The ninety-thousand-square-meter new platform is sufficient for the hospital to make detailed plans on the multidisciplinary development related to surgery and make achievements. The hospital needs not only to develop its special characteristics in the future, but also solve the extremely serious problems and overcome difficulties in the development process of specialized hospital. The hospital shall be on the principle of “building a general hospital with specialized characteristics” and in line with the positioning and requirements of CAMS, and only in this way can it lay a firm foundation for the development in the future. He urged all leaders of the hospital to shoulder great responsibilities, worked together with all doctors, nurses, researchers, teaching staff, and logistics staff, as well as designer, construction contractor, supervisor, and auditor, so as to be engaged in the great and sacred undertaking, help the patients lead a healthy life, and advance the development of plastic surgery of China and even the world.




Wang showed what the way forward will be for the disciplinary building and future development of the hospital, and put forward clear requirements on the reconstruction and expansion. He said that every brick and tile for building the hospital will directly or indirectly affect patients’ health, and all parties involving engineering construction shall advance the project precisely and carefully, keep improving and help the patients lead a healthy life.


Zuoliang Qi, the head of the hospital, made a speech, expressing his heartfelt thanks to the leaders and relevant organizations that are concerned about and support the development of the hospital, extending his regards to all the employees who work concertedly and painstakingly for the development of the hospital and construction workers who had worked hard! He stressed that the project represents and crystallizes the expectations and aspirations of all the employees, is a milestone project that is important to comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the hospital, and a major measure for expanding medical space and achieving leapfrog development. Now, the hospital has attained a greater scale and is now standing at a new starting point, laying a firm foundation for establishing the national medical center for plastic surgery.


They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. The hospital will continue to give play to its characteristics and boost the development of health services. It will continue to adhere to the concept of “putting patient at the center”, strive for excellence with a grateful heart, stride toward to goal of “building a general hospital with specialized characteristics” and building a world-class hospital, and try to provide the people with higher-quality and more efficient medical and healthcare services!


 (Plastic Surgery Hospital)