President Chen Wang Meets with Guests from the Chinese University of Hong Kong


On the morning of February 13, 2018, President Chen Wang met with President Chongzhi Duan and his entourage from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Beijing. The two parties conducted extensive, cordial, and friendly exchanges on how to carry out research projects, how to jointly promote the development of translational medicine and precision medicine, and how to the exchange of students and teachers. Vice President Qin Zhang, Vice President Xue Zhang, relevant personnel of the Administrative Office of CAMS & PUMC, the Department of Research Administration, the Dean’s Office, and the Department of International Cooperation (Office of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs) attended the meeting.




The Chinese University of Hong Kong (referred to as CUHK), founded in 1963, is a leading university in Hong Kong, and even in Asia. The teachers and students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a comprehensive university, study hard, bring forth the new through the old, and focus on value of both the traditional and the modern culture. Cultivating intellectual talents with wisdom of life, CUHK is characterized by a flexible credit system, academy system, equal importance to Chinese and English, and multiculturalism. It is the tradition of CUHK, the only university adopting the academy system in Hong Kong, to enhance students’ knowledge and cultivation through general education and social services that have been practiced for many years.





 (Administrative Office of CAMS & PUMC)