Ailun Luo, Nan Zhou, and Haibo Qiu Selected as China’s Most Beautiful Doctors


On the evening of March 11, the 2017 Award Ceremony for “Looking for the Most Beautiful Doctor” was held on CCTV and broadcast live nationwide. Ailun Luo, chief physician of PUMC Hospital, and Nan Zhou and Haibo Qiu, PUMC’s graduates, were honored with the title.




Ailun Luo, who serves as the anesthesiologist at PUMC Hospital, is the leading authority in China’s Anesthesiology. She has participated in and presided over many major scientific research projects of the country and the Ministry of Health, making great contributions to the development of clinical anesthesiology, scientific research, and anesthesiology in China. Luo has been treating every patient carefully for decades since she became a doctor. She often said: “We, doctors, regardless of whom patients are, must treat them equally and patiently.”




Nan Zhou, a Ph.D. who graduated from PUMC’s eight-year clinical medicine program in 2009, is excellent both in conduct and learning. She has given up the chance to work in Beijing’s hospital and volunteered to work in Tibet under challenging conditions. She is a doctor of the Department of Rheumatology and Haematology in Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital. She has taken root in Tibet and overcome many challenges to help patients alleviate their pain and improve the overall academic level of rheumatism immunity in Tibet.




Haibo Qiu, a Ph.D. of Intensive Medicine who graduated from China Union Medical University (now PUMC) in 1997, is a doctor of the Intensive Medicine Department in the Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University. He has been engaged in the rescue of Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Tianjin fire and other major emergencies. He has made achievements in the clinical and fundamental research of ARDS, multiple organ failure, and functional reconstruction, and promoted the establishment and standardization of intensive medicine.




Ailun Luo, Nan Zhou, and Haibo Qiu, outstanding doctors, have always mustered passionate enthusiasm for medical services. Whenever the people and the country require the services, they have thrown themselves into the great undertaking. They are good models for each member of PUMC, who is proud of their lofty characters of selfless dedication, benevolence, great medical ethics, and boundless love.

(Publicity Department of CAMS&PUMC)