Minutes of the 12th Life-Themed Memorial Event at Evergreen Garden


At 10:00 a.m. on March 31, 2018, the 12th Life-themed Memorial Event, hosted by the Red Cross Society of China Beijing Branch (RCSCBB) and Beijing Society for Anatomical Sciences (BSAS), was held in the south square of the Life Monument for Beijing’s Body Donors at Evergreen Garden. The activity was attended by all Grade-2015 students in the eight-year clinical medicine program, together with their class advisor Chen Chen and their teacher Chao Ma from the Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology.



Grade-2015 students from PUMC are listening to the speech.


The Life-themed memorial activity is one of PUMC’s traditional ceremonies of anatomy teaching. Around every Qingming Festival, all students of the eight-year human anatomy program participate in this event to pay tribute to donors. The RCSCBB and other Beijing-based medical universities also attended the event and expressed their gratitude to the departed “wordless mentors.” 



Xinlu Zhang, a Grade-2015 student from PUMC, delivers a speech. 


Xinlu Zhang, a Grade-2015 student from PUMC delivered a speech on behalf of all students. She expressed the students' curiosity and yearning for anatomical knowledge and the medical profession and, on behalf of PUMC’s teachers and students, showed their heartfelt thanks and reverence for love and dedication of donors. Finally, she wished all the students to strengthen their determination to become a medical practitioner in the future so as to live up to the expectation of these departed “wordless mentors.”       

Following statements by representatives of students and donors' families, all teachers and students bowed three times to these donors who had contributed to medical education. Students paid floral tribute to body donors and outlined their names in golden color.

Through the event, the students have understood how long the history of body donation is, how valuable the donations are, and how noble the spirit of the donators is..

This activity is not only to recall and praise the selfless contribution of body donors but also to baptize all teachers and students, and inspire students to study hard and be worthy of the donation. The event is expected to make teaching more fruitful, as a way to save more patients and benefit medical services and humankind.



Group photo of PUMC’s Grade-2015 teachers and students



 Keyi Mei, a Grade-2015 student, is interviewed by Beijing TV Station


Prior to the start of the event, Keyi Mei, a Grade-2015 student, was interviewed by Beijing TV Station. He expressed his understanding of this memorial activity, in the hope that more people would understand the significance of body donation and have gratitude to donators.



(Dean’s Office)