President Chen Wang Starts Lecturing Introduction to Research


On April 9, 2018, President Chen Wang started the first lesson of Introduction to Research for Grade-2015 eight-year medical students. Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang and relevant heads and teachers of Department of Research Administration, Department of Development Planning and Department of Student Affairs sat in on the entire class.




In the class, President Chen Wang gave a comprehensive explanation of the scientific research regarding the definition and implementation of research and literacy of researcher. Based on clinical research cases, he guided students to think about and understand various essentials of the research. He presented that scientific research is the duty of doctors. Researchers, he emphasized, need to have a multi-dimensional vision and multi-angle ways of thinking, pay attention to team collaboration, and give high priority to ethics of scientific research. He eagerly expected students to understand the positioning of PUMC’s eight-year clinical medicine program for medical scientists, stay true to their mission and shoulder their due responsibilities. After strict training, all students need to devote their enthusiasm, vitality, and quality to the research and collaborate with each other to work hard to become outstanding medical scientists in the future.




In the question session, responding to students’ questions, President Chen Wang instructed them one by one. He pointed out the essence of education, stressed once again the importance of research, and taught students to make their positioning clear. Students, he put it, need to become responsible, aspiring and accomplished people.




During the class break, President Chen Wang held discussions with Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang, teachers from the Department of Research Administration and Department of Student Affairs, and students in the eight-year program, so as to understand the management, teaching, and learning of students.


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