President Chen Wang Conducts Investigation at Hainan Branch of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development  


On April 10, President Chen Wang conducted a fact-finding investigation at Hainan Branch of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (IMPD) to inspect Xinglong R&D Base for Southern Chinese Medicine under Hainan Branch and Haikou R&D Center for Southern Chinese Medicine. The activity was attended by Xiaobo Sun, Director of IMPD.




IMPD’s Deputy Director Jianhe Wei (left) briefs to President Chen Wang (right) on germplasm resources bank


During the investigation, Jianhe Wei, Deputy Director of the IMPD and Director of IMPD’s Hainan Branch, briefed to President Wang on the history, status quo, and planning of Xinglong R&D Base under large-scale transformation and construction. In 2017, modernized Haikou R&D Center was put into use. Under the title of “breaking through key bottlenecks, leading the research of southern Chinese medicine, and building the key base of the sci-tech innovation system for southern Chinese medicine”, Wei also reported on the development history, major scientific research tasks undertaken in recent years, major innovative research achievements, training of talents team, and orientation and planning of development of Hainan Branch. IMPD’s Director Xiaobo Sun gave a brief report to President Chen Wang on the overall development of the IMPD, and the development, major achievements, and social services of the IMPD’s innovation system.




The reporting meeting


President Wang expressed his gratitude for IMPD’s great contributions to the development of CAMS, especially the development of CAMS’s affiliated units in north China and spoke highly of the dedication of the older-generation comrades to the development of the IMPD’s Hainan Branch. He also affirmed what Hainan Branch has achieved in recent years, including the development of “one institute in two places,” major research innovations of agarwood and other rare and endangered southern Chinese medicine, building of management system, and training of personnel. Regarding the future development of IMPD and its Hainan Branch, President Wang put forward three requirements. First, IMPD needs to be benchmarked against their peers at home and abroad to identify the direction of discipline development and promote the frontier research of medicinal plants; it also needs to utilize their advantages to set its goal and positioning and map out its planning. Second, IMPD needs to follow the scientific law of medicinal plants to set up the fundamental theoretical framework for medicinal plants and publish the basic theoretical work Medicinal Botany. Third, IMPD, when it comes to the management and industrial development, needs to determine its positioning in diverse markets, including botanical drug market, Chinese herbal medicine market, and monomer drug market, so as to explore how technologies are applied. Also, President Wang expected that the IMPD need to give full play to their own advantages to raise land awareness and integrate land resources through multiple channels, in a bid to give a boost to its large-scale development. It is also hoped that Hainan Branch can summarize the experience of improving its development to develop a management model applied to the medicinal plant system.




Group Photo of President Chen Wang and staff members from IMPD and its Hainan Branch



(Institute of Medicinal Plant Development)