1st Work Meeting Held for GHL’s China Board and WPRIM’s China Journal Selection Committee


On the morning of April 16, 2018, the 1st Work Meeting for China Board of Global Health Library (GHL) and China Journal Selection Committee of the Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) in the year of 2018 was held at the Institute of Medical Information (IMI), CAMS. Present at the meeting were Director Hui Chi, Deputy Director Qing Qian of CAMS’s IMI and Library, and experts from the Chinese Medical Association and WHO’s office in China.


The meeting was presided over by Director Hui Chi. An Fang, Deputy Director of the Medical Information Center for Innovation Research, briefed on the development of GHL, WPRIM, and APAME in recent years. Xijuan Fu, an official of WHO’s Office in China, introduced the latest development of WHO Cooperation Center and WHO Western Pacific Region (WPRO) and affirmed the relevant work of WPRIM. The meeting adjusted the composition of GHL’s China Board to select CAMS’s IMI as Director Unit of GHL’s China Board and the Chinese Medical Association Publishing House (CMAPH) as Deputy Director Unit and put forward recommendations to member units. Also, the meeting selected Hui Chi as Director of WPRIM’s China Journal Selection Committee and President Yongmao Jiang of the CMAPH as Deputy Director. Discussions were also held on the future work of China Board of GHL.




The GHL program, launched by WHO in 2005, aims to provide access to reliable health information for those who need it. As an integral part of GHL program, WPRIM aims at establishing an online medical index system to realize the worldwide sharing of relevant medical and healthcare information in the Western Pacific. The WPRIM platform is developed by CAMS’s IMI and Library. After the launch of the platform in May 2010, 292 Chinese journals were included in the WPRIM. The WPRIM’s database includes approximately 690,000 pieces of bibliographical description belonging to 643 journals in 13 countries across the Western Pacific.




This meeting is of great significance in promoting the development of GHL and WPRIM and boosting the exchange and collaboration between China’s institutions across fields such as medical informatics, editing, and publishing. It also gives an impetus to the dissemination, access, and utilization of health information resources, so as to better spread China's health information across the world.


(Institute of Medical Information)