Embrace Nuclear Science in Life


On June 10, 2017, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) and the first anniversary of the "Popular Education Center of Nuclear Science for Teenagers in Tianjin", the Institute of Radiation Medicine (IRM) held the open day activity "Embrace Nuclear Science in Life" in Tianjin for purposes of introducing CAMS&PUMC, publicizing nuclear science and technology, and popularizing knowledge about nuclear radiation protection and treatment.

The event consists of four exhibition areas, two interactive areas, Popular Education Center of Nuclear Science for Teenagers inTianjin(theme exhibition hall), and the film viewing area.

The exhibition area for CAMS&PUMC’s centennial anniversary showcases the achievements of CAMS&PUMC over the past century; the exhibition area of IRM demonstrates the development and achievements since its establishment; the exhibition area of PLA's 90th Anniversary, based on the "atomic and hydrogen bombs and man-made satellite", introduces the history and brilliant achievements of China's nuclear weapons from three aspects, i.e. historical review, outstanding figures, and nuclear weapon achievements, supplemented by display of historical weapons, which is more vivid; the exhibition area of nuclear science, in the form of Q&A, presents general knowledge about nuclear science that the general public are interested in.

The interactive area displays radionuclide monitoring of environment, water and food as well as personal dose monitoring, allowing visitors to experience high-tech products for radiation protection and treatment and have fun in mailing a postcard.

Covering an area of nearly 800 square meters, the theme exhibition area of Popular Education Center of Nuclear Science for Teenagers inTianjinis the first nonprofit public science base characterized by "nuclear radiation" inTianjin, featuring knowledge, fun and practicability. Themed "Enjoying the Life Brought by Nuclear Technology", the exhibition area consists of eight parts, namely "Historical figures of nuclear science", " Development of nuclear science", "China's brilliant achievements of nuclear weapons", "Audition experience of nuclear explosion", "Basic knowledge about ionizing radiation", "Nuclear science in our life", "Gain an insight into the nuclear power", and "Distribution of nuclear power", introducing nuclear science knowledge to the public and eliminating their prejudice against and fear about nuclear technology.

At the film viewing area, visitors viewed the nuclear knowledge introduction film "Dad Teaches Me How to Respond to Nuclear Emergency", as well as the promotion films of "My Motherland and I" and "Make Persistent Efforts for Greater Success", which introduce CAMS&PUMC and the IRM.

IRM and Popular Education Center of Nuclear Science for Teenagers in Tianjin always carry out the requirement of the Chinese President Xi Jinping that "place equal emphasis on scientific and technological innovation and scientific popularization for innovation-driven development", advocate the concepts of innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development, spread nuclear knowledge and technologies energetically so as to make the popularization of nuclear science more sound, authoritative and persistent, raise the scientific awareness of the general public, get rid of ignorance and superstition, and increase awareness of and trust in nuclear science and technology, nuclear safety and nuclear emergency management, thereby ensuring China's safe and efficient development and peaceful use of nuclear energy. The activity attracted nearly one thousand visitors and was highly praised and supported by all walks of life.

(Institute of Radiation Medicine)