President Xuetao Cao delivers first lecture to students of eight-year clinical medicine program at beginning of new semester


President Xuetao Cao gave the first lecture the “Innovation and Practicability of Biomedical Research” to the students of 2014 class of the eight-year clinical medicine program at the beginning of a new semester.


President Xuetao Cao is giving the first lecture to the students, Class of 2014, of the eight-year clinical medicine program at the beginning of a new semester.

President Xuetao Cao comprehensively explained how biomedical revolution leads modern scientific innovation, the innovative integration between medicine and modern science and technology, and the features and purposes of biomedical research. He also indicated the technological and social change triggered by the achievements in biomedical innovations and analyzed the trend of biological medicine development and its future. He noted that biomedical development has entered the era of “big health” and there are many new demands for medical research in China. He further proposed to strengthen the independent innovation, which is the only way for China to achieve the future leader of the medical profession and that it is an inevitable requirement for building an innovation system for Chinese medical science and technology.


The whole class of 2014 of the eight-year clinical medicine program is listening attentively to the lecture.

During the lecturing, President Cao also, combining his personal experience in scientific research and in training graduate students, expressed his ardent expectations toward the students. He hoped that the students, in learning and research, have an awareness of innovation and interdisciplinary research, that is, actively learning and absorbing knowledge from different disciplines, with open mind, centering on forward-looking and challenging issues. And they should apply clinical thinking and be pragmatic in career development and innovative thinking to guide research practice, striving to achieve breakthroughs in their original research. The content of President’s lecture was content-rich, easy to understand, positioned from a strategic height, and provided solid cases, both focused and cutting-edge practical. The lecture received many praises from students.

During the break, President Xuetao Cao also had a cordial conversation with students to learning their goals and expectations in the new semester.

Over the years, the leadership attaches great importance to teaching, make full use of the opportunities, such as school openings and exams, to have in-depth understanding of how teaching in classroom has been carried out, in order to continuously improve the quality of education and “take pulse” of high-quality medical talent cultivation. Under the leadership’s caring and coaching, CAMS & PUMC are about to start a new round of medical education reform.

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