Development Results of Carrimycin Attract Wide Attention


On the morning of July 31, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Health Commission jointly convened a press conference on the research project of “development of key new medicines”, introducing the progress, implementation efficiency, product variety and output of the research project to the public and the media. At the press conference, leaders and some experts of competent departments answered the questions of the reporters.


Yiguang Wang from the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology of CAMS, main developer of Carrimycin, a national class-I new medicine, attended the news conference and was seated at the rostrum as a representative of experts of the scientific research team.




As an innovative antibiotic developed with synthetic biological technology for the first time and a new medicine with completely independent intellectual property, Carrimycin has undergone a long development process of 30 years and won consistent supports of government funds for major research programs. So far, it has been granted 16 Chinese patents for invention and 36 foreign patents for invention. Carrimycin has a very good curative effect for bacterial infection of upper respiratory tract and is characterized by high reliability, small dosage and low adverse reaction rate, etc.


The new medicine and professor Yiguang Wang have attracted wide attention from the media. Wang, as a scientist and also a member of the Communist Party of China, has a firm, prudent and humble attitude. She gave a comprehensive introduction to the research process and characteristics of Carrimycin and said that she has been dedicated to the research on antibiotics. At the mention of the difficulties in technical innovation, hard R&D conditions and the pressure from public opinion, she reiterated that we must remain true to the original aspiration and the mission of Chinese Communists and stick to the spirits of persistence, innovation and dedication. Meanwhile, she extended her thanks to competent government departments, colleges and universities, research institutions, other organizations under CAMS&PUMC and cooperative enterprises for their support and assistance.


Professor Yiguang Wang and Carrimycin were reported by Morning News (CCTV News Channel), Guangming Daily,,, and a talent-related website, respectively.


 (CPC Party Committee of the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology of CAMS)