CAMS & PUMC Successfully Holds the 3rd Young Investigator Forum of Medical Innovation


On April 10, 2019, the 3rd CAMS & PUMC Young Investigator Forum of Medical Innovation was successfully held in Beijing. With the theme of “Scientific and Technological Innovation and Healthy Development,” this forum invited 33 outstanding project leaders supported by state-level projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation or the National Youth Science and Technology Talents Program based on the support of the program for the basic research funds of universities under the central authorities, covering a lot of fields such as clinical medicine, basic medicine, pharmacy, and public health research. More than 130 young scientists and technicians and research management personnel from institutes and hospitals participated in the forum.


Chen Wang, President of CAMS & PUMC, delivered an opening speech at the meeting. He affirmed the achievements of the program for the basic research funds of universities under the central authorities since its establishment in 2009. He pointed out the difficulties and shortcomings in the development of young scientists and technicians in CAMS & PUMC. He encouraged young scientists and technicians to realign their personal pursuit with the development of the motherland and to play the role of a motive force in scientific and technological innovation with the courage to be the first, pioneering spirit, and rigorous and meticulous style of work. President Wang stressed that CAMS & PUMC is China’s highest medical research and education institution. To implement the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, it is currently committed to building itself into the core base of China's innovation system for medical science and technology. The majority of young scientists and technicians should be bold in innovation and diligent in creation to help CAMS & PUMC to carry out the construction of the core base and “Double First-Class.”




Academician Dongfeng Gu, Vice President of Fuwai Hospital, Chief Physician Baoxi Wang, Party Secretary of Plastic Surgery Hospital, Research Fellow Xiaozhong Peng, Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Biology, Research Fellow Shuyi Si of the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology, Research Fellow Jing Wang of  the Institute of Basic Medicine, and Research Fellow Pingping Li of the Institute of Materia Medica were invited to form an expert panel to comment on the reports of young scientists and technicians.




The forum invited outstanding project heads supported by the National Young Science and Technology Talents Program on the basis of the basic scientific research funds of CAMS & PUMC to give special presentations to the conference. They were Dr. Nan Wu with PUMC Hospital, Chief Physician Jun Cai with Fuwai Hospital, Research Fellow Chen Wu with Cancer Hospital, Research Fellow Jing Wang with the Institute of Basic Medicine, Research Fellow Pingping Li with the Institute of Materia Medica, and Research Fellow Zonggen Peng with the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology. Six speakers gave wonderful reports and interacted with participants on the site.




51 articles had been submitted to this meeting. After organizing expert reviews, 27 articles were selected for this forum, including 12 articles in basic research, 6 articles in pharmacy and 9 articles in clinical and public health research. The expert panel gave in-depth comments to all speakers, creating a warm atmosphere of on-site discussions. Through high-level brainstorming and meeting of minds, young scientists and technicians were stimulated to further broaden their research horizons, improve their academic level and increase their knowledge and capabilities. After the scoring of the experts, Jiangping Song with Fuwai Hospital won the first prize, Xiaogang Chen with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Yanxiang Wang with the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology were granted the second prize, Jiuming He with the Institute of Materia Medica, Huan He with Cancer Hospital and Yanni Xu with the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology were awarded the third prize. In addition, 21 won the excellence award. The experts presented honorary certificates to the winners.


Participants at the meeting generally reflected that the reports of this forum were rich in content, full of bright spots, forward-looking, cross-disciplinary and fruitful, which has played a positive role in boosting the cross-disciplinary development, exchanges between young innovative talents, and the improvement of academic level.


                                  (The Department of Research Administration)