The 2nd Nanshan Summit Held for Boosting China's Program for Population Aging


In order to respond to the global problem of population aging, China is adopting a proactive aging strategy to deal with China's aging problem.

On April 14, the Nanshan Summit and China’s Strategies in Response to Global Challenge of Population Aging 2019 (hereafter called “Nanshan Summit”) jointly sponsored by CAMS & PUMC, Hainan Provincial Health Committee, and Sanya Municipal People's Government were held in Sanya City, Hainan Province.




The UN's latest World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision shows that, in 2017, the global population above 60 reached about 962 million, accounting for 13% of the total population, with an annual growth rate of about 3%. The data from the National Bureau of Statistics indicate that, by 2018, China's population aged 60 and above is close to 250 million, accounting for 17.9% of the total population. It has attracted worldwide attention for China to respond to the aging of its population.


At the opening ceremony of the summit, Jianjun Wang, member of the Party Leadership Group of the National Health Commission, Executive Deputy Director of China National Committee on Aging, and President of China Association for the Aged, said that the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the aging of the population. Solving the aging problem in China will have a significant impact on the global response to the aging of the population. It is hoped that the Nanshan Summit platform will pool wisdom and strength to enable all parties to jointly deal with the major issue facing human society, namely population aging.


Jianjun Wang believed that China has ushered in a special period of population aging under the special environment of getting old before getting rich and getting ready. It is necessary to have an accurate understanding of population aging, especially the scientific concept of aging. Since entering the aging society in 2000, China has made remarkable achievements in the top-level design of aging work, the development of aging undertakings and industries, the social atmosphere of respecting and loving the elderly, and the enhancement of the sense of fulfillment of the elderly. But at the same time, it also faces many new imbalances. Health is still an area of weakness in the development of China's aging undertakings. Healthy aging needs to be put high on the agenda.


Academician Chen Wang, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of CAMS & PUMC, believed that not only should the aging population problem be viewed with a positive attitude, but also an active aging strategy should be adopted to deal with the problem. We need to explore the strategy and path suited to China. “It is hoped that the Nanshan Summit may pool the wisdom and resources of all parties concerned with the aging problem in the entire society to respond to it with a positive attitude and actions. To this end, the Nanshan Summit has provided scientific strategies and human society management wisdom to form a view of PUMC, give a voice of PUMC, and take an action of PUMC to contribute to the development of healthy China.”


Chen Wang, on behalf of CAMS & PUMC, put forward the five strategies of “setting up a positive concept of aging, giving full play to the labor supply and social contribution of the aging population, strengthening the self-support and self-discipline of the aging population, establishing a complete social nursing and security system for the elderly, and boosting the economic and social development with elderly care services.”


Bin Xu, Deputy Secretary-General of Hainan Provincial People's Government, believed that Hainan is not only China’s largest free trade island but also has an excellent natural environment, which is very suitable for the development of health industry. Hainan Province has formulated a healthy development strategy to boost the development of the health industry by strengthening the government's responsibilities, cultivating the main body of the industry, and meeting the different needs of the multi-level population. On this basis, the radial development model has been formed based on the Greater Sanya economic circle and other economic circles to drive the common development of the health tourism, medical care, and the whole industry chain of medicine.




The Nanshan Summit was themed “Creating a New Model for Health Industry to Help Healthy Aging.” It has discussed the establishment of a mechanism for active aging and healthy aging, shared the achievements of international advanced anti-aging research, build a dialogue platform for the cross-border connection between scientific research and industry, and practiced international health service experience in China.


Famous experts and representatives of leading enterprises in basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, and old-age care came from the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Singapore, Israel, Japan, South Korea, China and other countries and regions. They had analyzed the experience, suggestions, and countermeasures of healthy aging and active aging construction from the perspectives of policies, industries, sectors and scientific research.




Attendees participated in the main forum and four sub-forums respectively themed Anti-aging Research Innovation and Product Transformation, Innovating Geriatric Research and Appropriate Health Care Technology, Health Personnel Training and IT Application, and Financial Security for the Aged and the Elderly Industry. They discussed the international standards for healthy aging accurately and profoundly, focusing on definitions, boundaries, industry standards, and norms for active aging and healthy aging, personnel training strategies and methods, ways and modes of social capital intervention, innovative development and application of anti-aging and applicable technology products, with a view to giving “China's program.”


At the meeting, CAMS & PUMC, Hainan Provincial Health Committee and Sanya Municipal People's Government officially signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on Boosting the Development of the Nanshan Summit, confirming that the Nanshan Summit will be permanently held in Hainan.


(The School of Continuing Education under PUMC)