President Chen Wang Visits PUMC Overseas Alumni Association in the US


On the afternoon of November 6, 2018, local time, President Chen Wang visited PUMC Overseas Alumni Association in Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, the US, to hold talks with more than ten alumni representatives.




Dr. Dongdong Yao, the first chairman of PUMC Overseas Alumni Association and a student enrolled in the eight-year clinical medicine program in 1989, introduced the preparation and establishment of the overseas alumni association, expressed the feelings of overseas alumni loving their alma mater, and demonstrated their action of repaying their alma mater. President Wang congratulated the overseas alumni association on its establishment and thanked many alumni for their concern and support for their alma mater. He detailed the development concept by which CAMS & PUMC has entered a new era, CAMS has ushered in a new cycle of sixty years, and PUMC has initiated a new century. He interpreted the goal of building a world-class medical school and training leading medical talents, and, in particular, the education reform of eight-year clinical medicine program launched by CAMS & PUMC, namely, the pilot program of “4 + 4” medical training model for undergraduate students with the multi-disciplinary background. President Wang earnestly hoped that the vast number of overseas alumni would continue to apply their expertise and contribute to the development of our motherland and our alma mater.




On the evening of November 7, local time, President Wang met with some alumni again, further introducing PUMC Alumni Association and PUMC Education Foundation, expressing the intention of international cooperation, and presenting the tin plate of CAMS & PUMC badge to the overseas alumni association on behalf of CAMS & PUMC.

(PUMC Alumni Association)