CAMS & PUMC Holds The 2018 Staff Member Games


 In the new century, we will pursue our dreams to embark on a journey to reach new highs in the new cycle of sixty years. On the morning of October 27, the 2018 Staff Member Games of CAMS & PUMC were held in the gymnasium of China Agricultural University. The atmosphere at the games was warm. Present at the opening ceremony were Zhiyuan Yang, Executive Vice President of the Trade Union of the National Health Commission, Jin Zhang, Chairman of Beijing Education Trade Union, Haitao Zhang, Executive Vice President of the Trade Union of China Agricultural University, and Yaming Shi, Director of the Party-Masses Work Office of the National Health Commission as well as leaders of CAMS & PUMC including Party Secretary Guoqin Li; Longshan Yao, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairman of Trade Union; Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang; and Vice President Qin Zhang. The opening ceremony was presided over by Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang. More than 1,600 faculty members from all units in Beijing and Tianjin participated in the games. In the solemn national anthem, the national flag, the CAMS & PUMC flag, and the flag of the games were raised, marking the opening of the games.




Delegations of all hospitals and institutes and the organ entered the stadium in turn. They moved at a forceful pace, shouting inspiring slogans, dancing the beat of passion, interpreting their responsibilities with a dashing charm and fantastic performance, and showing a spirit of vitality, unity, cooperation, and progress. The exciting climax and colorful display sparked the enthusiasm of the audience. The applause was thundering, and the cheers lasted for a long time.






Longshan Yao made an opening speech on behalf of CAMS & PUMC, expressing his expectation for the games and encouragement to athletes. In response to General Secretary Xi Jinping's requirements in the report of the 19th CPC National Congress for “carrying out extensive Fitness-for-All programs and speeding up efforts to build China into a country strong on sports,” he encouraged staff members to be guardians, promoters, and pioneers of people's health as health workers. By taking the opportunity of the games, we will continue to strengthen our exercise and promote the construction of Healthy China. With a strong physique, high morale, and good mental outlook, we will achieve health promotion and healthy leadership, boost the development of CAMS & PUMC to a new level, and make more significant contributions to the building of Healthy China, the national medical core base, and the world-class medical school. Yao stressed that CAMS & PUMC and trade unions at all levels should proactively adhere to the Party's leadership over trade union work, continuously enhance the political, advanced, and mass nature of trade union work, focus on and serve the overall situation, continually improve their ability to perform their duties and work level, make trade union work reassuring to the Party organization, satisfy the masses, and strive to heighten the sense of fulfillment, happiness, and security of the majority of staff members.

Party Secretary Guoqin Li announced the opening of the games.

Afterward, 16 teams of hospitals and institutes performed the ninth radio exercise performance, with uniform and standard movements full of healthy joy and beauty.






Nearly 300 employees of the Cancer Hospital performed the group dance “Road of Sunshine” to cheer the athletes. The silk fan flies over, shimmering like a torch, majestic stars, numerous flowers, and flying red flags. The wonderful performance demonstrates the beautiful scene of how spectacular the country is and how harmonious the motherland is. Finally, dancers formed the four Chinese characters of “Xi Tong (system)” and “He Xin (core),” meaning that we need to build the system and consolidate the core. The four characters highlight the national mission and reflect the work objectives of CAMS & PUMC.



The games were divided into three categories: group events, individual events, and radio exercises, with a total of 17 events. The athletes on the field were united, cooperative, and tenacious in their efforts to display their graceful bearing as much as they like. On the stands, shouting and cheering broke out one wave after another. After the sincere cooperation of the team and the fierce competition of athletes, the games resulted in the champion, runner-up, and third winner in the total score of the team. It selected the best elegant demeanor award, the best fighting award, the best organization award, and the best team award. Leaders presented trophies and medals to winning units.







The sports meeting, sponsored by the trade union of CAMS & PUMC, is a large-scale CAMS & PUMC-wide one held once again ten years apart, with the theme of “carrying forward century-old fine tradition and forging ahead in the next cycle of sixty years.” The activity has received strong support from hospitals and institutes and all departments of the organ as well as positive responses from the majority of staff members. The vibrant and colorful competitions enable athletes to enjoy the joy of sports, enliven the life of staff members, enhance the cohesion of CAMS & PUMC and all units, and boost the all-round development of CAMS & PUMC.

(Article by Haisheng Liu and photo by Xiaojin Ma, Yue Yu, Yang Jing, and Tonglin Luan)