PUMC’s Track and Field Games for Students Come to Successful End


On the morning of October 12, 2018, PUMC’s Track and Field Games for Students were held at the Temple of Heaven Stadium. Nearly 1,000 teachers and students from more than 20 hospitals and institutes as well as classes both inside and outside Beijing participated in the school sports meeting. Attending the opening ceremony of the Games were Party Secretary Guoqin Li and Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang of CAMS & PUMC, as well as leaders, education directors, student counselors, and head teachers in charge of education, teaching, and student management in hospitals and institutes.


At eight o'clock in the morning, Party Secretary Guoqin Li announced the opening of the Games. Each athlete’s team entered the stadium in turn, putting on an entrance performance with characteristics of their classes and hospitals and institutes. Students brimming with energy and vitality were highly praised by leaders at the meeting. The solemn national flag-raising ceremony, the exquisite lion dance performance, the forceful oath, and the uniform group calisthenics all expressed the energetic and positive spirit of PUMC students. After the grand opening ceremony, Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang delivered the opening speech of the games.






Sports, full of passion, is a contest of strength and wisdom, demonstrating collective strength. Every leap and every round of running, full of enthusiasm on the sports ground, has demonstrated a thriving style of CAMS & PUMC.












Finally, the games were successfully concluded in a warm and grand award ceremony. After intense competition, PUMC Hospital won the first place in terms of total score of the team; the 2013-grade of PUMC the second place; the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences the third place. Two events broke the sports records, namely, men's 200m and women's long jump.

The games fully embody the sports spirit of “unity, civilization, and progress” and that spirit of PUMC’s people tenaciously striving to succeed in their contests and bravely scaling new heights. Leaders of hospitals and institutes have attached great importance to the organization and preparation of the school games. Referees and service staff have fulfilled their duties of the games with high quality and efficiency. Reporters accurately and timely reported at the sports meeting to showcase its style. Security and safety personnel remained at their posts to ensure the safe, orderly, and smooth progress of the games.









(Article by the Department of Student Affairs and photo by Lin Tong and Yi Qi)