President Chen Wang Conducts Investigation at Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences


On the afternoon of October 18, President Chen Wang and Vice President Zhongwei Zheng conducted a fact-finding investigation at the Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences (ILAS). Members of the Party and administration leadership, representatives of research backbone, heads of research centers and platforms as well as functional departments of the ILAS participated in the investigation and discussions.




After visiting the ILAS's bacterium and virus species database, cryopreservation library for animal models, animal biosafety laboratory, genetic engineering animal model platform, the research group of nervous system diseases, infectious disease experiment platform, and teaching specimen exhibition hall, President Wang  got a thorough understanding of development and preservation of the ILAS’s resources, national infectious disease experimental platform, and education and training.


At the meeting, Director Chuan Qin reported on the historical evolution and technological contributions of experimental animal science and the ILAS and looked forward to the future development ideas and key work in light of ILAS’s strategic positioning.




President Wang affirmed the positioning and achievements of the ILAS, pointing out that comparative medicine connected with basic medicine and clinical medicine is one of PUMC’s features. We need to improve the system of disciplines, talents, science, education, and hardware. We need to focus on the animal model resources to explore the reasonable mechanism to promote the sharing of resources of CAMS & PUMC and carry out nationwide arrangements. Regarding the development strategy, we need to lay equal emphasis on scientific research and industry, reinforce each other, vigorously bring in and train talents, and attach importance to international cooperation and cultural progress. We also need to speed up the development of Daxing Base to solve the problem of development space steadily.



(Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences)