New Student Orientation in the Rain 2018 PUMC Orientation Ceremony Held


On the morning of August 30, at the No.9 courtyard at Dongdansantiao, 2018 PUMC orientation ceremony was held in the rain for new students.





President Chen Wang made a speech at the ceremony, saying sincerely and earnestly that “rain means hardships in reality, and your performance in the rain today reflects the character and spirit of you as intellectuals.”, “details determines whether a person is nobleness or lowliness.”, “I do not want you to be exposed to the rain, I feel sorry about that, but what I cherish more is the spirit you should have.”.


Party Secretary Guoqin Li said in his speech that he hopes the students shape their characters of firmness, persistence and dauntlessness and develop a strong will, and get rid of the negative feelings about difficulties through the ceremony in the rain, which is a must for the students to grow into protectors of the people’s health, good doctors, good nurses, scientists and educators in the future.”





CAMS&PUMC leaders Chen Wang, Guoqin Li, Longshan Yao, Zhongwei Zheng, Yunfeng Wang, Qin Zhang, Xue Zhang, responsible persons of all schools, deans and staff of teaching departments attended the ceremony in the rain to welcome the new students. The ceremony was presided over by CAMS&PUMC Party Secretary Guoqin Li.


The ceremony started amid the majestic national anthem.


All teachers and students watched the short film for student orientation at the ceremony. The short film, against the background of PUMC’s profound history and culture, tells about the spiritual heritage and generations of PUMC people and their responsibilities for the whole society, and their awe of life and persistent pursuit of career, and vividly displayed the explorations of PUMC in education and teaching reforms and the efforts of generations’ of PUMC people for realizing their dreams.






President Chen Wang, on behalf of CAMS&PUMC, delivered a speech, elaborating profoundly the spirit and education concepts of PUMC. Also, he expected all students to behave properly and adopt a right attitude toward pursuing studies and doing things, have lofty aspiration and stick to their personal principles, study the nature of things, explore the rule of things, be honest to science, take responsibilities for and live up to the expectations for the country, the society, the sector, the college, their families and themselves, fulfill their duties satisfactorily, always stick to their character and spirit as intellectuals, have a strong sense of responsibility and act accordingly in concrete study, and be a responsible person with aspiration and achievements.





Xiaoguang Chen, Party Secretary of the Institute of Materia Medica, delivered a speech as the representative of teachers. She hoped the students to lead a meaning life when they are young, develop curiosity, innovative thinking, and correct morality and values in PUMC, cultivate virtues and develop abilities, keep in mind the motto of PUMC (“Rigorousness, Erudition & Expertise, Creation, Devotion”, and realize their dreams when studying at PUMC.


Linrui Gao, a student who has been admitted in the Cancer Hospital in 2018 for her postgraduate study, made a speech on behalf of new students, voicing the aspirations medical students in the new era, saying that they will take PUMC’s scholars of elder generations as their role models, be enthusiastic, upbeat and firm in their conviction, write a new chapter of their life, keep in mind the expectation and trust the country has placed on them, and make contributions to realizing the Chinese Dream and the dream for health.



After that, all new students, led by Chao Ma, Head of the Dean’s Office, took a solemn oath. In spite of the rain, the students were more determined in healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, sparing no pains to pursue their dream, remain true to their aspirations and forge ahead with determination, and dedicate their lives to the development of medical and health services and physical and psychological health of the mankind.



At the end of the ceremony, Guoqin Li gave encouragements to the new students, stressed that it is sacred to be a doctor. He hoped the students to respect life, heal the wounded and rescue the dying, be willing to make contributions, be filled with unselfish love, waste no valuable time at PUMC to study hard and increase their abilities, realize their dreams, give play to their talents, and lead a valuable life in the magnificent cause of creating a “healthy China”! 



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