PUMC Holds 2018 Graduation & Commencement Ceremony


On the morning of July 20, the 2018 graduation & commencement ceremony of Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) took place in a joyous atmosphere at the No.9 courtyard of Dongdansantiao. CAMS&PUMC leaders Chen Wang, Guoqin Li, Zhongwei Zheng, Yunfeng Wang, Qin Zhang, Shuyang Zhang, Xue Zhang, Tsinghua University Vice President Bin Yang, leaders, deans and teacher representatives of all schools and institutes, heads of relevant departments under CAMS&PUMC, all members of teaching department, representatives of excellent alumni, all graduating students and their family members attended the ceremony, jointly witnessing the graduation ceremony of the students. The ceremony was chaired by Guoqin Li, Party Secretary of CAMS&PUMC.




2018 graduation & commencement ceremony of PUMC


At the ceremony, the "Swift" chorus sang the melodious and inspiring "Ode to PUMC", school anthem of PUMC, expressing the feeling of all people of PUMC. The ceremony was kicked off amid the solemn national anthem.




CAMS&PUMC leaders and teacher representatives attend the ceremony


Vice President Zhongwei Zheng read out the results of the academic degree evaluation of year. This year, PUMC conferred the doctoral degree to 600 persons, master degree to 584 persons, and bachelor's degree to 198 persons. CAMS&PUMC leaders presented the graduation certificates to the representatives of the graduates.




CAMS&PUMC President Chen Wang makes a speech




Party Secretary Guoqin Li chairs the ceremony


Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang read out the decision on commending outstanding graduates of the year 2018. 64 students won the honorary title of “outstanding university graduate in Beijing”, and 127 students won the honorary title of “outstanding graduate of PUMC”. CAMS&PUMC leaders presented awards to outstanding student representatives.



Vice President Zhongwei Zheng read out the results of academic degree evaluation

Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang read out the decision on commending outstanding graduates 


Yihan Cao, a student majoring in clinical medicine, made a speech on behalf of all the graduating students, expressed his big thanks to PUMC and the teachers for their earnest teachings. He reviewed his study and life in PUMC over the past eight years, talked about his understanding of youth and reflections on life. He pledged that he will keep in mind the earnest teachings he received at PUMC, live up to the great trust, take great responsibilities, work tirelessly, and add luster to PUMC in the future.


Prof. Hui Pan from the School of Clinical Medicine, on behalf of all the teachers, placed his expectations on the graduates. Pan talked about his personal career in medicine and reflections on life. He expected that the graduates learn from the elder generations of those who studied or worked at PUMC, to be kind-hearted, true, and persistent, aspire for “humanity by means of science”, be devoted to their goals and missions, forge ahead dauntlessly without regrets, do not waste their life, and write a new chapter for the bright future of PUMC!


Nan Zhou, representative of outstanding schoolfellows, an eight-year clinical medical student who had graduated from PUMC in 2009 and won the title of “2017 most beautiful Chinese doctor” and is now deputy director of the Department of hematopathology for rheumatic immunology of the People’s Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region, talked about her experience of and feelings about working in Tibet, recalled her growth and gains as a student, and thanked PUMC for providing her with a good environment of growth and teachings. She, on the basis of her experience, encouraged the students to be always strict with themselves, keep in line with the standards of PUMC, develop good habits and conducts of self-discipline, modesty and courage, remain true to themselves, bravely pursue their dreams and give full play to their talent.



Graduate representative Yihan Cao

Teacher representative Hui Pan

Outstanding schoolfellow representative Nan Zhou


Chen Wang made a speech on behalf of CAMS&PUMC. He said that medical science involves many disciplines, expounded on the implications and gist of medical science, stressed that we shall not only integrate contemporary medicine with culture, chemistry, and biology, but also integrate it with engineering and information science. He expressed his hopes for the graduates to have Passion, Vision and Mission, to carry forward the fine traditions of PUMC, and grow into intellectuals with perseverance, responsibilities and enterprise, rather than self-centered “petty-bourgeois intellectuals”. He introduced the ideas of and efforts made by PUMC for the reform of the medical student training model under the “4+4” multidisciplinary background: the “4+4” model meets the following two requirements on medical development: 1. Design and achieve the multidisciplinary attributes of medical science in a manner that is as much as humanly possible. 2. Establish a mechanism by which all talents in different disciplines can be pooled to engage in medicine. He noted that CAMS is working hard to establish a state-level medical scientific & technological innovation system, developing a series of development plans for building itself into a state-level core medical base, and making positive efforts. He required all teachers, employees and graduates to carry on the fine traditions of CAMS&PUMC, make greater achievements and create an even more glorious future.


At the end of the ceremony, Guoqin Li sent a message to the graduates, hoping them to keep in mind the expectations to Xi Jinping, love our country, temper their willpower, be realistic and act energetically. He urged the students to take the opportunity of the times, fulfill their youthful dreams, follow the example of the elder generations of those who studied and worked at PUMC, cherish their experience in PUMC, keep in mind PUMC's principles on “conducts, scholarship, and doing things”, carry forward the excellent innovation genes of PUMC, learn about the missions that they assume, make contributions to kindness, caring, preciseness, pursuit of truth, and innovative development, live up to the great trust the people place in us, and become the mainstay that leads China’s medical scientific & technological and education development toward building a healthy China.



The leaders attending the commencement ceremony position the tassel for the graduates, confer degrees and take photos with them.


The ceremony was concluded with the song “PUMC FOREVER”, inspiring the graduating students to embark on their new journey, assume their responsibilities and write a new chapter of PUMC in the new era.




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 Photo/Tonglin Luan, Yi Qi, Zhichen Guo, Xiaojing Ma)