State Key Laboratory of Medical Molecular Biology (SKLMMB)


The State Key Laboratory of Medical Molecular Biology (SKLMMB) was developed on the foundation of the Department of Biochemistry of Peking Union Medical College; it was the first and the only comprehensive medical science lab back then in China. The proposal of establishing the lab was approved by the State Planning Commission in March 1991. SKLMMB was founded in 1992 along the guidelines of China’s mid-and long-term plans to develop science and technology and passed the state inspection in November 1993. Academician Liu Depei serves as the current laboratory director; Academician Wang Linfang is the honorary director of the laboratory, and Academician Qiang Boqin is the chairman of the Academic Committee.

The mission of SKLMMB is to serve the nation’s strategic planning in health improvement with a solid foundation in life science research. Fully leveraging clinical advantages, cross-disciplinary integration and collaborative innovation, SKLMMB is to support the construction of a healthy China through the cutting-edge research systems that focus on “major diseases and their molecular mechanisms to promote clinical transformation.” SKLMMB is a top-level and internationally recognized basic research organization in life science, serving as a platform for researchers to develop and exchange ideas and a platform for the education of young researchers and top talents, as well as leading the medical science researches in China with continuous effort in scientific advancement.

The overall objective of SKLMMB is to address major disease development mechanisms and to develop approaches in interventions; the overall research direction is to carry out biomedical studies on major disease-related genes, proteins, regulatory networks and other systems at the molecular, cellular and whole levels, to explore the characteristics and general rules of development of the major diseases, and to lay the theoretical foundation in transforming illnesses treatment from symptomatic to preventive treatment, so as to realize Translational Medicine program and to provide a scientific basis in the prediction, early warning, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for major diseases.

Over the years, SKLMMB has built up a quality research team, which is lead by strategic scientists and backed by leading scientists with support from young researchers. The team has 5 CAS and CAE academicians, 10 receivers of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project, At present, SKLMMB has 95 full-time staff members, of whom 30 have senior professional titles, 23 deputy senior and 42 middle. 62% of the staff members are under 45 of age. Since its establishment, SKLMMB has many quality research works published on top journals such as Science, Cell, Cell Metab, etc. Throughout these years, this laboratory has received various awards, including National Natural Sciences Achievement Award, National Award for Science and Technology Progress, and awards from provincial governments for its excellence in research and obtained a number of domestic and international patents, successfully transforming and leading medical molecular biology and the research trends of basic medicine in China.

SKLMMB upholds the spirit of "science for humanity," and actively puts the concept of "prevention first" into action so as to provide comprehensive preventive health care and to support the development of a healthy China.