Graduate School


Graduate education at PUMC started in 1954. Till 1965, over 210 graduate students had graduated. Then the graduate educaiton was suspended for ten years. In 1978, PUMC was allowed to enroll graduate students, being one of a select group of institutions approved by the State Council to grant doctoral and master’s degrees. It also organized separate examinations and was approved to enroll students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. In 1982, the first Academic Appraisal Committee was established, and the first master’s and doctoral degrees were granted in 1982 and 1985, respectively.

The graduate school of PUMC is now composed of administration office, recruitment office, cultivation office and degree-subject office. Multi-level and multi-type system of talent cultivation has been established depending on 29 institutes all over China. At present, there are more than 3,500 graduate students at PUMC. More than 13,000 graduate students have completed their studies over the past two decades, among whom 5,400 were conferred Master’s degrees and 4,600 earned doctoral degrees. These graduate students have made important contributions to the development of health, sciences, technology, and education in China.

Doctoral and Master’s degrees from PUMC are granted in medicine, natural science, engineering, management, and philosophy of science. The Graduate School offers a remarkably broad range of research disciplines, including basic medicine, clinical medicine, biology, pharmacology, public health and preventive medicine, integrated traditional and western medicine, stomatological medicine, public administration, biomedical engineering, library science, information and archives management, and philosophy of science and technology, among others.

The Graduate School aims to embody PUMC’s school motto: “Rigorousness, Erudition, Expertise, Creation, and Devotion.” It will continue to take on the task of cultivating medical talent, providing excellent health care and research, and fulfilling the goal of achieving high-level, research-oriented, international, and distinctive development of PUMC.