School of Continuing Education


The School of Continuing Education plays an important role at PUMC. Founded in 1984, it now offers degree programs for adult students, a self-taught higher education examination program, and continuing medical education programs, among others.

The school has degree and non-degree programs for both full-time and part-time students. For part-time students there are bachelor’s degree and non-degree programs in nursing, medical imaging, and medical laboratory technology. Continuing medical education, in addition to many other specialized training programs, are available for hospital managers and medical residents. There are currently 12 national continuing medical education bases, including programs for cardiovascular diseases, plastic surgery, gynecology, skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and oncology. More than 10,000 professionals are trained each year.

The distinguished faculty, solid scientific research capabilities, and advanced medical technology of PUMC provide a solid ground for continuing medical education in the 21st century.