School of Public Health


The Union School of Public Health (USPH), founded in 1989, is a joint venture between PUMC and the China Center for Disease Control (CDC), combining the resources of these institutions in the fields of teaching, research, and disease control and prevention. Both institutions share responsibility for the curriculum, teaching, and program guidance. The main training base is located within the China CDC.

USPH was the first college in China to train postgraduate students who were oriented toward public health, for the purpose of producing high-level professionals who understand the practice of public health in China and have both management capabilities and real-world problem-solving abilities.

In its curriculum and teaching practice, USPH focuses on skills training, cultivation of students’ problem-solving capabilities as managers, and personal qualities. Courses integrate basic theory and field practice. Teaching is practice-based and oriented toward problem-solving, with an emphasis case studies. Enhanced classroom discussion extends to community practice and encourages students to attend to and resolve real challenges in current public health practice.

While rooted in teaching general theories of public health, USPH also organizes field investigations and helps the postgraduate students complete a thesis, which trains them to discover and solve real public health problems and lay a firm foundation for future decision-making and management.

The education and training given at USPH meet the demands of the public health administration in China. Most of those earning a USPH Master’s degree are well received when they return to their jobs because of the knowledge and management skills acquired in the program. The USPH continues to work hard to contribute to the development of medicine in China.