David C. Lyden, Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine Invited to give a lecture at the PUMC


On September 14, 2016, Dr. David C. Lyden, a tenured professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, was invited to visit the CAMS & PUMC. President Xuetao Cao met with Prof. Lyden and awarded him the title as well as the certificate of Distinguished Professor of the PUMC.


Professor David C. Lyden, a tenured professor at the Weill Cornell Medicine in the United States, received his doctoral degree in cell and molecular biology from the University of Vermont (US) in 1986 and his doctoral degree in clinical medicine from Brown University (US) in 1989. Lyden has been committed to tumor metastasis, tumor immunity and other related fields of research and has extensive knowledge in tumor exosomes. He has published many quality papers inNature,Cell,Cancer Cell,Nature Cell Biology,Nature Medicine,and other world-class journals, served as editor of several world-renowned journals, and enjoys a good reputation in the field of cancer research.

In the afternoon, Lyden gave a lecture titled “Tumor Exosomes Determine Organotropic Metastasis”, one of the PUMC Masters' Lectures, and attracted more than 500 researchers and students. He revealed the mechanism of tumor exosomes in tumor invasion and metastasis, outlined the prospect of using tumor exosomes in tumor therapy and offered new ideas for the study of tumor exosomes.

The lecture received enthusiastic response and Professor Lyden answered questions raised by researchers and young students one by one. After the lecture, Lyden exchanged views with members of the Young Scientist Innovation League of CAMS and shared his personal experience in scientific research. The participating young scientists said the experience of Professor Lyden was very inspiring and they had benefited a lot from it.

(Department of International Cooperation)