Successfully Held a Lecture on the Future of Cardiovascular Diseases Research


On the invitation of Professor Xuetao Cao, Academician and President of CAMS & PUMC, Dr. Anders Hamsten, Academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), a key member of Norwegian Nobel Committee for Nobel Prize in Medicine and the Karolinska Institute President visited China on January 21-22, 2016. In the afternoon of 22, during his visit to CAMS & PUMC, Dr. Hamsten attended the CAMS & PUMC Master Forum and had an in-depth discussion with the senior management and experts of CAMS & PUMC on further cooperation of both sides. Some members of CAMS Young Scientists Innovation Alliance, professors and students up to 300 people attended the lecture. President Xuetao Cao hosted this academic seminar. He firstly presented the education and scientific research background of Dr. Hamsten to the audience. Dr. Hamsten studied medicine and got his PhD in Karolinska Institute (KI). In 1987, he started working on cardiovascular diseases clinically for research and education in KI and its affiliate hospital. 2010 – 2012, Dr. Hamsten was elected a member of Nobel Assembly responsible for nomination and awarding of the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. He was elected the President of KI in 2013 and later became a key member of Nobel Committee for Nobel Prize in Medicine.


Dr. Hamsten later gave a speech titled “The Future of Cardiovascular Medicine”. Started from the incident rate, he elaborated that the disease had posed huge threat on the health and life expectancy of people globally. Treatment of such diseases consumes large amount of public health resources which is a burden to both government and the society. Decades of studies on life science and medicine have witnessed great progress of research on the causes and treatment of the disease. However, these methods could only control and slow down the illness, and they’re still far from a radical cure. In recent years, as breakthroughs have been made in gene sequencing, bioinformatics, immunology and regenerative medicine, researches tend to focus on seeking the causes of the disease with big data, preventing it by developing and producing vaccine and rebuilding cardiovascular system with regenerative medicine technology. Progress has been made by all these methods. Dr. Hamsten also shared his research results with the audience. He believes that medical scientific research in the future requires highly integration of several bodies, including hospitals, information centers, research institutes and pharmaceutical producers which could achieve the effective synergy from targeted disease research to drug development. The audience then had a warm discussion with Dr. Hamsten on their interests.


In order to honor Dr. Hamsten for his tremendous contribution to China-Sweden medical cooperation and research on cardiovascular disease, President Xuetao Cao granted the title of Honorary Professor of Peking Union Medical College and awarded certificate to Dr. Hamsten on behalf of CAMS & PUMC, and hoped he continue to promote the exchange and cooperation of medical science between China and Sweden thus make further contribution to world medical science.


After the forum, some senior management and experts of CAMS & PUMC had a technical discussion with Dr. Hamsten on common interests including cardiovascular diseases, cancer and inflammation and reached a consensus on forward initial cooperation between KI and CAMS & PUMC.


(International Cooperation Department)