Functions of Phosphodiesterase Isozymes Identified by Phosphoproteomic Analyses


Dr. Joseph Beavo will deliver a speech entitled in “Functions of Phosphodiesterase Isozymes Identified by Phosphoproteomic Analyses”.


Time: 15:30, June 7, 2017;

Venue: the PUMC’s Auditorium.


Dr. Beavo’s research group investigates the role of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases(PDEs) in controlling the amplitude and duration of cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP signaling pathways. There are a large number of different isozyme families of PDEs that are differentially regulated by drugs and hormones. Many were first discovered and studied in this laboratory. Included among the agents that regulates PDEs are insulin, glucagon, EDRF and many neurotransmitters. Much of his recent work has been to determine the physiological reasons for the existence of so many isozymes and to understand mechanistically how they function.

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