PUMC Holds First Science and Technology Innovation Forum for Young Professionals


On December 14, 2016, the First CAMS & PUMC Science and Technology Innovation Forum for Young Professionals was held at the Capital Hotel in Beijing. The forum was on guidance in science and technology as well as innovative development. Presentations were given by 26 well-reputed directors of various projects supported by the PUMC Youth Research Foundation over the last three years. President Xuetao Cao as well as experts and young workers in science and technology from the CAMS and PUMC institutes and graduate school attended the event for a total of over 120 people.

During the opening, President Cao praised the achievements of the PUMC Youth Research Foundation since its establishment in 2009. He stated that the forum was not only an opportunity to summarize what has already been accomplished, but also a platform for multidisciplinary integration and for academic exchanges among young professionals. President Cao called on them to be clear on their duty to the current era, to consciously coordinate their personal pursuits with the development of China, and to patiently endure the resulting solitude and reservation of the limelight for others. In the spirit of innovation, they must put others first, develop the courage to keep forging ahead, and maintain the will to persevere despite setbacks. In their research, they must try to accomplish the unprecedented, have the fortitude to pose questions and be innovative, and work hard toward creativity. In addition, they must seriously and thoroughly live out the spirit of General Secretary Jinping Xi’s congratulatory letter, Premier Keqiang Li’s instructions, and the content of Vice Premier Yandong Liu’s speech during the CAMS 60th anniversary celebration so as to make CAMS and PUMC the core foundation of medical science and technology innovation in China.


The 26 youth directors spoke on their research achievements in areas such as basic medicine, pharmacology, and clinical medicine. Xue Zhang, Party Secretary of the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences and the director of the Department of Medical Genetics, Vice President Saijun Fan of the Institute of Radiation Medicine, Vice President Shishan Yu of the Institute of the Institute of Materia Medica, Vice President Jianhe Wei of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Director Taisheng Li of the Department of Infectious Diseases at PUMC Hospital, and Director Bin Lv of the Department of Radiation and Imaging at Fuwai Hospital were invited to review and comment on the presentations.


In the end, Director Jianwei Wang of the PUMC Department of Research Administration gave a concluding speech, in which he stated that young professionals in the science and technology field bear a heavy responsibility and should, as President Cao has stated, work with persistent drive and resilience toward contributions to the development of PUMC, making China a global power in science and technology and allowing its people to be healthy. Wang also stated that the Department of Research Administration would continue providing services to young personnel in the science and technology fields as well as support for their development.

The forum is now part of the school’s academic exchange platform that is comprised of the existing Expert Lecture Series, the PUMC Salon, and the PUMC Academics Forum. Those at the forum stated that the presentations were excellent, innovative, and full of highlights and foresight. Overall, the forum was enriching and allowed for informative exchanges, being especially useful in promoting growth and multidisciplinary development for young, innovative professionals.

(Text: Department of Research Administration, Photos: News Center)