A Centennial Memory, a Benevolent Inheritance -- Four Generations Gather to Celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of PUMC


On the Dragon Boat Festival (May 30th), four generations of faculty and students gathered at the time-honored hall of Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) to give a novel evening party titled My Story with PUMC to celebrate its centennial anniversary. As one of a series of cultural celebration activities, the party was organized by the anniversary celebration office of PUMC and the “Grateful Phoenix Tree” Project Department of PUMC Voluntary Service Association. 

Although without popular stars present, the warm interaction between the performers and the audience made all the teachers and students irreplaceable leading roles of the party; although without dazzling and gorgeous stage lighting and designs, the party was brimmed over with benevolence and warmth of PUMC as a big family.



 Four generations of faculty and students gather to celebrate the centennial anniversary of PUMC

Four Generations Gathered to Extend the Warmth of PUMC

The party started in the melodious Auld Lang Syne. Nearly 40 renowned PUMC veterans including Bingkun Dong, Changnian Qian, Weici Luo, Lijuan Lian, Shouxian Zhong, Yuanyu Zhu, and Lina Lu were ushered into the hall by the students with flowers and respectful applause. With many of them at their 80s or 90s, the four generations’ gathering was full of warmth and affection.

Three students majoring in clinical medicine, scientific research, and nursing opened the party with a poem titled The Cycle of Love written by themselves. Two lines of the poem were read as “PUMC started from benevolence a century ago, and took root and grew up in thelandofChina”. Every word of it conveyed their fond feelings for PUMC and their admiration to the centennial history and culture of PUMC and the selfless dedication of all the veterans.



Three students express their fond feelings for PUMC with a poem written by themselves.

Three Stories Interpret the Benevolence of PUMC

 At the evening party, the young students of PUMC communicated with the earlier generations of PUMC across time and space. Yuanyu Zhu, Lijuan Lian, and Shouxian Zhong told stories about three PUMC veterans of the older generation, i.e. Xiaoqian Zhang, Qiaozhi Lin, and Xianjiu Zeng, respectively on the stage. Lingya Pan and Jianchun Yu, two professors of PUMC, also shared the touching stories of their teachers emotionally. The story-tellers and the audience interacted with each other in a warm atmosphere.

The audience was deeply moved by the stories and gave applause from time to time. The personal anecdotes not only interpreted PUMC’s spirit of “precision, perseverance, innovation, and devotion” vividly, but also demonstrated its benevolent tradition passed down from generation to generation.

A dialogue over time and space -- Prof. Yuanyu Zhu tells the story of Prof. Xiaoqian Zhang.


A dialogue over time and space -- Prof. Lijuan Lian and Prof. Lingya Pan tell the story of Prof. Qiaozhi Lin

A dialogue over time and space -- Prof. Shouxian Zhong and Prof. Jianchun Yu tell the story of Prof.Xianjiu Zeng


Strive for Perfection to Demonstrate the Temperament of PUMC


From the theme setting, program design to forms of artistic presentation, every detail of the party implies the fond feelings of the organizing team of the faculty and the students for PUMC and the elder generations. The programs also include Send Flowers to Prof. Qiaozhi Lin, an elaborately created scene play, Swan Goose, a dance performed by the college dance team, Pipa Weeps, an ensemble of Pipa, Erhu, flute and electronic organ performed by Xieyun Orchestra, and Memory played by Shengqi Fan, a famous saxophone player and visiting professor of the college’s Doctoral Students’ Forum etc. The excellent hosting of Yin Cheng, a famous broadcaster, joined by the students integrates all these programs and the story-telling theme of the party, strongly manifesting the temperament of PUMC. 

Pipa Weeps, an ensemble of Pipa, Erhu, flute and electronic organ given by Xieyun Orchestra

Cycle of Benevolence: Inheritance of PUMC Spirit

The evening party was included with an interview with the representatives of young PUMC graduates. Chao Ma, deputy director of the Dean’s Office of PUMC, Naixin Liang, a surgeon from PUMCH, and Yusheng Zhang, CEO of “Xingshulin” Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, came to the stage to recall their eight-year college life in PUMC passionately. Their moving stories were full of gratefulness to PUMC and its teachers.



An interview with three youth representatives of PUMC graduates


PUMC started from love and its every step practices the most beautiful benevolent spirit among mankind. Under the organization of the college’s Youth League Committee and Voluntary Service Association, excellent student volunteer groups presented themselves and top ten volunteers for 2016-2017 were elected and then awarded by Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang and Vice President Qin Zhang. The leaders encouraged the young generation of PUMC to carry forward its ideals to serve the public and promote its benevolent spirit. The evening reached its climax at the award ceremony.


Award to the 2016-2017 top ten volunteers

The party was brought to a successful close in the resonant singing of Swift Chorus.

“One story can support one evening party and demonstrate one spirit”. New stories about PUMC are to be written and its spirit is still being passed on. Under the context of diversified values, the elder generations’ sticking to the spirit of “precision, perseverance, innovation, and devotion” touched all the young students present. The gratefulness and friendship shown in the four generations’ gathering manifested that the PUMC spirit is being inherited and passed down from generation to generation.


(Contributed by “GratefulPhoenixTree” Project Department of PUMC Voluntary Service Association)