PUMC 2016 Students’ Sports Meeting Concluded Successfully


On October 14, 2016, PUMC held its students’ sports meeting at Tiantan Sports Center. This year marks the 60th anniversary of CAMS and PUMC students delivered excellent performance in the athletic field to celebrate this special occasion.

At about 8 am, the sports meeting officially started. Totally 26 teams followed the national flag into the sports field in progression. The weather was cooling down in autumn but the fantastic opening shows from the various teams kept the atmosphere high and heated. Passionate aerobics and elegant ethnic dance showcased the artistry of PUMC students; an agile Nunchaku show and Taiji boxing that conquers strengths with dexterity presented the strength of young PUMC people. When a Kumamon led a group of cute animals to the central stage, joyful laughter rippled across the site.


After the progression, Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang delivered opening remarks. He looked back on the 60 years since CAMS was founded and counted all its contributions to healthcare development in China. He emphasized that PUMC is mandated to safeguard people’s health and improve medical research in China and that these were what we at PUMC must take onto our shoulders. Student representative Sijin Sun gave a speech, saying that everyone at PUMC must carry forward the excellent traditions, and shoulder responsibilities; and that good health was crucial to complete clinical and research work. A team from the School of Nursing then performed the 9th set of calisthenics exercise. Students in yellow uniforms formed the pattern of CAMS on the green football field to celebrate the 60th anniversary and the performance ended with loud applause from the spectators. Then, Vice President Qin Zhang shot the starting gun to open the competitions.


Athletes competed in long jump, high jump, shot put, and other field events, as well as track events such as 100m, 400m, 1500m and 4x100m. The competitions were fierce, supporting teams were busy, and spectators cheered loudly.

By about noon, all competitions were completed and sports meeting came to an end. The event served as a stage for all participants to showcase their strong will and sportsmanship, and offered an opportunity for people from different schools to communicate and fit better into the warm and enterprising PUMC family. Excellent sports performance was a great present for the 60th birthday of CAMS.


Photos by Weilan Weilan, Yanjie Xia, and Laoganbu

Written by Laoganbu

Edited by Weilan