2014 Class Students of the Eight-Year Clinical Medicine Program Attended Opening Ceremony for Human Anatomy Lab Course


At 9:30am, March 14, 2017, the opening ceremony for Human Anatomy Lab Course for 2014 class students was held at the anatomy laboratory in Building No. 2, Compound 9, Dongdan 3 Lane in our campus in a solemn manner. Vice President Qin Zhang, Prof. Chengyu Jiang, Standing Deputy Director of the School of Basic Medicine, Prof. Xiaozhong Peng, Deputy Director of the School of Basic Medicine, Yan Xu, class adviser of 2014 Class, faculty members from the Department of Human Anatomy, Histology & Embryology, Prof. Lawrence Rizzolo, Visiting Professor and Director of the Department of Anatomy, Yale University, and students of the 2014 Class of the eight-year clinical medicine program attended the ceremony. Prof. Chao Ma, Director of the Department of Anatomy, Histology & Embryology hosted the event.

This year is the 100th anniversary of PUMC. The opening ceremony for the anatomy lab course is a traditional event with humanistic concern in our anatomy teaching. At the start of every semester, eight-year program students starting to study human anatomy at the School of Basic Medicine in PUMC will gather with all the faculty members and hold chrysanthemums in their hands to pay tribute to the body donors.

One can only succeed by keeping to one’s original aspirations. The magnolia flowers on campus witnessed the coming and going of students who devoted themselves to the exploration of human life. The selfless silent mentors in the anatomy lab give PUMC students a chance to realize their aspirations for saving people’s lives, and pave their way to become leading medical experts. Bingchang Zhang, a body donor and previous Director of the Department of Anatomy, said, “this is the last thing I can do for PUMC to train more medical students”, which is what all body donors wanted to say. All teachers and students will bear that in mind, and repay their sacrifice with diligent and rigorous learning attitude and persistence.

During the ceremony, the teachers handed white coats with PUMC’s logo over to the students. Yuzhou Wu, student representative of the 2014 Class, delivered a speech. He expressed gratitude to the body donors and said, “with gratitude and respect, we should always maintain the desire for knowledge and the curiosity for the unknown”. Vice President Qin Zhang hoped that the students could cherish the exceptional learning conditions and the high starting point, cultivate excellent medical professionalism through the courses, carry it forward throughout their medical career, fulfill the duties as doctors, and save more people’s lives. She urged the students to conduct every step of the operation with respect as a tribute to the body donors. Finally, she wished that the students could adapt to the transformation from pre-medical studies to medical studies as soon as possible, and learn anatomy well to lay a solid foundation for future studies, and write a glorious page in the history of PUMC.

At the end of the ceremony, all faculty members and students bowed three times to the body donors and paid a three-minute silent tribute.

(Department of Human Anatomy, Histology & Embryology)