Leprosy control and elimination


This project was initiated and carried out by Hospital of Dermatology, Chinese Academy of Medical Science and some other leprosy control and research agencies ,which is based on the requirement and goal of “active prevention and treatment to control infection ” proposed in 1950s and “reach the goal of basically eliminating leprosy at the end of 20th century”which was put forward in 1981.According to the biological characteristics of mycobacterium leprae, spreading model and epidemiological distribution ,the project used the method of field and experimental researches to make a series of studies including the strategies ,techniques and measures of effective control and basic elimination of leprosy ,which provided the key scientific basis for making epidemiological measures in different phases. It helped our country to realize the target of completely control and basic elimination of leprosy and to rank the global leading level of leprosy control in the developing countries. The main strategies and measures included:1.Established the control strategy of detection and control infectious sources on the basis of field study in the pilot areas and  the national implementation ;2.Proposed the technical measure of multi-drug therapy with fixed duration to treat leprosy  on the basis of pilot study and scale-up;3.Created the sustainable development model of leprosy control integrated with primary control network in the light of the control progress and distribution features of leprosy;4.Put forward the leprosy stigma reduction measure to promote leprosy control according to the fact of leprosy stigma ;5.Developed the experimental tests of early diagnosis of leprosy by the experimental research and field evaluation;6.Explored the convenient ,feasible and effective disability prevention measures to reduce deterioration of leprosy disability on the basis of leprosy disability control and rehabilitation research ;7.Set up national leprosy epidemic surveillance system to timely analyze the endemic trend and to evaluate control effect ;8.Set up a series of standards, indicators and assessment methods of basic elimination of leprosy. The research has produced significant social and economic benefits and provided the experiences of reducing and basic eliminating leprosy in the developing countries for many leprosy endemic countries. In order to consolidate the achievements and improve the quality of life among persons affected by leprosy, the research group has made further study in health system research, MDT with short duration, chemoprophylaxis for high risky population and drug resistant surveillance which have gotten some better results now.