Gynecologic malignancies and fertility-sparing treatments


Choriocarcinoma is a kind of malignant disease with poor prognosis . The vast majority of patients died within a few months before the discovery of effective chemotherapy agency . So it is always considered as one of the most dangerous incurable disease.


From 1950s, Song Hongzhao, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his team have made a series of groundbreaking research achievements of choriocarcinoma. They pioneered high-dose chemotherapy method, making the 90% mortality rate to the 90% cure rate. Since 1959, Song Hongzhao performed the chemotherapy instead of hysterectomy, enabling choriocarcinoma patients to have healthy off spring after the therapy. The choriocarcinoma clinical staging strategy first proposed by Song Hongzhao was adopted by the WHO and FIGO as an unified clinical stage strategy which is still used by the doctors all over the world. The achievement of radical treatment of choriocarcinoma has won Professor Song Hongzhao the National Scientific Congress Award in1978, the first grade prize of Ministry of Health Scientific Research Award in 1982 and the first grade prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in1985.


On the basis of the previous’  (Song Hongzhao and Yang Xiuyu)work, Professor Xiang Yang led his team continued to research the chemoresistance mechanism, chemoresistance marker screening and chemoresistance reversal on choriocarcinoma. They explored an effective treatment for chemoresistance  and critical patients to improve complete remission rate above 70%,which achieved the international advanced level. Nowadays, PUMCH has become the treatment center of national chemoresistance  and high risk gestational trophoblastic neoplasm.


As the incumbent chairman of international association of gestational trophoblastic neoplasm, Professor Xiang Yang has hosted and participated in updating the gestational trophoblastic neoplasmtreatment guidelines in China and FIGO gestational trophoblastic neoplasm treatment guidelines, organizing standardized trainings, which was introducted at the academic annual meetings of Chinese  Medical Association." Chemoresistance  and critical case study of choriocarcinoma treatment" won the Peking Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2000, and “The basic and clinical research on the chemoresistance of gestational trophoblastic neoplasm " won the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award in 2007.