Depei Liu 


Professor Depei Liu was born in 1950 in Funan, Anhui Province. He’s a researcher and doctoral supervisor, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He was admitted as academician of IOM and TWAS in 2008. In 1986, he graduated from the major of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in PUMC with Doctor’s Degree. He used to be awarded the title “Chinese Obtainer of Doctor’s Degree with Outstanding Contribution”, and he conducted postdoc researches in UCSF from 1987 to 1990.

He was entitled “First National Middle-aged and Young Medical Science and Technology Star”; in 1994 he was listed among State-level Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions, included in “Cross-century Quality Talent Training Program” of the formerState Education Commission, and granted Cross-century Elite Foundation by the State Education Commission and the Middle-aged and Young Talent Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation of China; in 1995, he was awarded Outstanding Youth Science Foundation by National Natural Science Foundation of China and was offered Outstanding Young Scholar Award by Qiu Shi Science and Technologies Foundation.

Professor Depei Liu is mainly engaged in researches of gene control, gene therapy and pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases; he successively assumed major and key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and National 863 Key Project, served as academic leader of “Excellent Innovation Group” of National Natural Science Foundation of China and Chief Scientist of 973 Cardiovascular Program. He also won Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Health, Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award, Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award and National Natural Science Award.

In gene expression regulation and gene therapy research, he found the erythroid enhancer HS2 of β globin gene cluster and its delicate bit, built up BAC-mediated α/βglobin gene cluster transgenic animal model, found advanced synergetic chromosome conformation between α-gene cluster ACH and β gene cluster MAR, found that myleran will obviously enhance the fetal globin gene expression in rhesus monkey with anemia and children with thalassemia; he utilized hybrid oligonucleotides to achieve definite rectification of β gene and proposed the hypothesis of replication fork leakage incorporating oligonucleotides; he had more than 200 papers published indexed by SCI, which were cited for more than 3,000 times.

He used to serve as Vice President of CAMS-PUMC Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Assistant to President of CAMS-PUMC, Deputy Dean and Dean of the Graduate School of PUMC, Vice President and President of CAMS-PUMC, and Vice Chairman of Chinese Academy of Engineering; he was also a member of the 11th NPC Standing Committee and a member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. He’s now a member of the 12thNPC Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of Chinese Medical Association and Director of National Key Laboratory for Medical Molecular Biology.