Tonghua Liu 



Chinese Academy of Engineering, Beijing, China

Expert with Outstanding Contribution of Ministry of Health

Capital Labor Medal

Special Contribution Award of Central Health Protection Committee

Outstanding Contribution Award of Peking Union Medical College

Expert with Outstanding Contribution of Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Born in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province on Nov. 13th, 1929, professor Tonghua Liu is a professor and doctoral supervisor in Pathology Department of PUMC Hospital, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. She graduated from the Medical College of Saint John’s University in 1953, and later became an expert in pathological diagnosis of lymph nodes, disease of digestive tract and internal secretion, she is known for her in-depth and comprehensive researches on experimental gene therapy methods of pancreatic tumors, especially pancreatic cancer. She also launched researches in molecular biology and molecular genetics of internal secretion tumors. “The Annular Intramural Infiltration of Pancreatic Head Carcinoma into Bile Duct in Pancreas” and “Research of the Characteristics of Human Pancreatic Cancer Cell in Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics” won the second place in Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Health respectively in 1985 and 1993. “Reversion of the Control of Human Pancreatic Cancer Cell in Molecular Biology and Antisense Gene on Canceration Professor Liu was awarded the title of “Top Doctor in PUMC Hospital” by CAMS and PUMC in 1993, the honors of National Outstanding Teacher and Beijing Outstanding Teacher in 1995, the title “Expert of Prominent Contributions” by the Ministry of Health in 1998, the “Capital Labor Medal” in 2003, the “Special Achievement Award” by the Central Healthcare Committee in 2005, PUMC Hospital Outstanding Contribution Award in 2006, and PUMC Hospital Expert of Prominent Contributions in 2007. In addition, she was crowned awards like CAST Progressive Worker, Beijing Model Woman Pace-setter and Beijing Model Patriotic Contributor.

In 1970s, Professor Liu assisted Prof. Minzhang Chen in China’s first attempt to conduct endoscope, and the diagnostic criteria for gastric mucosa biopsy they established are still in use today, enhancing greatly the level of gastric cancer diagnose; she also supported Professor Zeng Xianjiu to initiate fine needle aspiration biopsy in order to improve the efficiency of pancreatic cancer diagnosis, and their joint efforts resulted in the first case of frozen section in insulinoma replacement surgery, through which injuries like pancreatic fistula diagnosis could be prevented and the accuracy of diagnosing these diseases promoted. It’s also worth mentioning that she built up “pancreas diagnosis and treatment cooperative group” with Professor Zhang Xiaoqian and Chen Minzhang of the internal medicine department, Professor Xianjiu Zeng and Shouxian Zhong of the surgery department, and Professor Tieliang Zhang of the radiology department, launching collaboration of various departments with success. On this basis, she later achieved pioneering achievements in fields including digestive tract diseases, internal secretion tumors, pancreatic cancer and oncogene therapy. In the 21stCentury, with the dawning of individualized clinical treatment, Professor Liu found targeted biotherapy of tumors promising and was the first in China to propose that targeted therapy requires targeted diagnosis.

That’s roughly how a talented young lady born in Wuxi of Southern China evolved into a famous academician in time. Feeling content with the company of microscope and magnifier, she was devoted to advancing pathological analysis all her life. With her wisdom and courage, she challenged suspicions and told the right from the wrong clearly. During fifty years of researches in pathological diagnosis, her opinion has always been a golden standard for pathological diagnosis nationwide.