Guixing Qiu 



Chinese Society of Engineering, Beijing, China


Chinese Society of Orthopedics


Chinese team of Spinal Deformity Study Group


Chinese Branch of Spine Arthroplasty Society

Member of National People's Political Consultative Conference

Born in 1942 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Professor Guixing Qiu graduated from PUMC in 1968. He is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a member of CPPCC, now serving as Head of the Surgery Department in PUMC Hospital, Director of the Department of Orthopaedics, a chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor, and is entitled to special government allowance.

Professor Guixing Qiu contributed tremendously to spine surgery, and he is best known for his lead role in proposing a classification ofscoliosis(known as PUMC classification), which is of great guiding significance for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis. The research project “Researches of Idiopathic Scoliosis and Clinical Application of Relevant Findings” led by him won the second place in National Science and Technology Progress Award. As project director, he developed seven state-level and seven province-level scientific research projects and several PUMC projects, including PUMC classification of idiopathic scoliosis and researches of its clinical application, gene researches about idiopathic scoliosis, clinical staging and optimal control method of senile osteoarthritis. He completed numerous cases of total knee replacement and total hip replacement procedures, restoring the life of patients suffering from arthralgia and joint dysfunction due to ONFH, fracture of femoral neck, hip joint trauma, congenital dysplasia of hip joint, severerheumatoidarthritisand severe osteoarthritis. 

Academician Guixing Qiu serves as the Chairman of Chinese Orthopaedic Association, Chairman of Beijing Orthopaedic Association, Executive Director of Chinese Medical Association and Executive Director of Beijing Medical Association. He’s also Chinese Chairman of Spinal Deformity Study Group (SDSG) and Chairman of Chinese Branch of SAS, and the editor-in-chief and editorial board member of academic journals like Chinese Journal of Orthopaedics and Chinese Journal of Joint Surgery. He led to edit and translate 37 monographs including Operative Orthopaedics, had 376 papers published in and out of China, won the second place twice in National Science and Technology Award, the second place in Beijing Science and Technology Award, the second place in Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, the third place granted by the State Education Commission and the second place granted by the Ministry of Health, and was crowned medical achievement award and science and technology achievement award in the hospital and has five authorized patents.

Academician Guixing Qiu was honored Outstanding Individual by China Association for Science and Technology in 2006, Beijing Outstanding Teacher in 2006, Model Innovative Educator by Beijing Federation of Trade Unions in 2005, Outstanding Worker of Chinese Medical Association in 2005, Excellent Individual for Central Healthcare in 2000 and 2005 and Model Innovator of Economic Technology Innovation by Beijing Federation of Trade Unions in 2001.