Yuqing Liu 



Chinese Academy of Engineering

Famous Doctor of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College

Born in 1923, Professor Yuqing Liu was a major founder of China’s Cardiovascular Radiological Imaging and the initiator of the Department of Radiological Imaging in Fuwai Hospital. He is now professor and doctoral supervisor of Radiology in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Fuwai Hospital of PUMC and Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. He was awarded the title of “CAMS & PUMC Top Doctor” in 1993; in 1994 he was elected to be academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering (first group of the Department of Medicine and Health); in 2002 he was granted the Fourth Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award by the Chinese Academy of Engineering; in the same year, Chinese Journal of Radiology presented Yuqing Liu with an Outstanding Paper Award. He used to serve as Vice President of Fuwai Hospital and Deputy Head of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Head of the Department of Radiology and Chairman of the Academic Council; he was also Executive Director of Chinese Medical Association and Chairman of Chinese Society of Radiology, Honorary Member of Japan Radiological Society and member of Radiological Society of North America, and editorial board member and honorary editor-in-chief of 18 journals in and out of China, including Chinese Journal of Radiology and Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology (in English and published in the US). In 1984, he served as guest professor of radiology at the invitation of Harvard University and gave lectures; from 1978 to 1994, he was invited to serve as a member of WHO Radiological Imaging Expert Consultation Committee for successively four years, making him the first Chinese medical imaging expert who served in WHO and sent to Geneva for WHO symposiums and academic reports. In 1988, he served as Vice Chairman of WHO Clinical Diagnostic Imaging Workshop.

He’s long been engaged in medical practices, teaching and researches of radiology and medical imaging and had more than 300 papers published on journals in and out of China. In 1954 he translated Cardiac X-ray Diagnostics, which was the first translated monograph about radiology since the foundation of the PRC; he also edited eight monographs, such as Bronchography, Angiocardiography and Diagnosis and Clinical Cardiac X-ray Diagnostics, respectively winning National Medicine and Health Science and Technology Conference Award in 1978 and the first place in the First PUMC Teaching Material Selection in 1991. He also participated in the edition of 17 monographs, including X-ray Diagnostics, International Text Book of Cardiology (in English and published in the US). He achieved tremendous outcomes in researches of radiological diagnosis of bronchography, lung abscess, esophagus cancer, angiocardiography, aorto-arteritis and aorta diseases, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary heart disease and congenital heart disease as a pioneer in China; he won eight awards for science and technology achievements. From 1989 to 1990, he founded the Department of Pediatrics and Interventional Radiology Group to boost the development of Interventional Radiology in China. He initiated the new concept of “medical imaging” in China and was the first to publish papers to all-roundly introduce the general situation of “Computer X-ray Scanning Tomography and Clinical Application”.

Devoted to developing int’l academic exchanges for years,Professor Yuqing Liu made productive contributions so as for China’s radiology to ascend to the world top circle of radiology. He visited the US, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, India, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia for academic exchanges and lectures for more than 40 times. In 1990, he was invited to make a special speech at Japan Radiological Society and Magnetic Resonance Medical Conference and was granted a Certificate of Honor, making him the first Chinese expert who won the laurel. In 2015 he was honored with the Centennial Honorary Certificate of Chinese Medical Association.