Xiaodong Zhu 



Chinese Society of Engineering, Beijing, China

Middle-aged and Young Expert with Medical Scientific Technology

Outstanding Contribution by the Ministry of Personnel

Famous Doctor of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/Peking Union Medical College

Xiaodong Zhu, CPC member, was born in Kaifeng, Henan Province in 1932. He graduated from Harbin Medical University in 1956 and was recruited by China PLA Chest Hospital, which was renamed Fuwai Hospital in 1958. He went abroad twice for further studies in Cardiac Surgery to the UK and Australia. Engaged in clinical practices and researches for more than 60 years, he achieved great outcomes in many fields of Cardiac Surgery, especially in cardiovascular surgery anatomy and cardiac valve surgery. He won awards and honorary titles granted by the national government, the Ministry of Health, Beijing government and CAMS; in 1988, the Ministry of Personnel awarded him the title of Middle-aged and Young Medical Science and Technology Expert of Outstanding Contribution; in 1993, he was granted the title “CAMS-PUMC Top Doctor”. In 1996, he was elected to be academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Specialized in clinical practices and researches in Cardiac Surgery for many years, Prof. Xiaodong Zhu initiated the preparation and application of biovalve (pericardial valve) in cardiac valve replacement and pioneered in developing new technologies of cardiac surgery. He also led and hosted researches of major projects for the National Seventh Five-year Plan and the Eighth Five-year Plan and won several state-level and ministerial awards. He’s also focused on R&D of artificial heart and fundamental researches of cardiac anatomy.

Engaged in medical researches for 60 years, he’s launched all kinds of cardiac surgeries all-roundly, including complex heart valve replacement, bypass for coronary heart disease, radical operation of infant’s congenital heart diseases and aorta operations. He not only valued surgical techniques but attached prominence to fundamental theory researches. He’s accomplished a lot in surgical anatomy and hemodynamics; in 1980 he published the monograph Basic Illustrations for Cardiac Surgery; in 1990 he led to edit Guide to Cardiac Surgery and Cardiac Surgery; in 2011 he published the monograph Surgical Anatomy of the Heart. He had altogether more than 130 papers published.

The research group he led has been devoted to the research of heart valve prosthesis and has assumed projects for the Sixth Five-year Plan, the Seventh Five-year Plan and the Eighth Five-year Plan of State Science and Technology Commission. They successively developed BN-type bioprosthetic heart valve, GK-type mechanical valve prosthesis and PERFEOTTM pericardial valve in the 1990s, all achieving marvelous clinical effect and winning awards one after another. “PERFEOT” valve won State Invention Award and Production License in 1997. During his clinical researches on valvoplasty, plastic atrioventricular valve annuloplasty ring was developed in 1988 and bicuspid valve chordae tendineae transplantation has been launched, both achieving ideal results.

Highlighting the training of young professionals, Prof. Xiaodong Zhu stresses the building of academic echelons in fields of Cardiac Surgery and has trained many masters, doctors and post-doctors. He was invited to conduct academic exchanges abroad for many times and was accepted as a member of World Society of Surgery.

Prof. Xiaodong Zhu used to be President of CAMS Fuwai Hospital, Head of Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, the Fourth and Fifth Chairman of Chinese Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, and Chief Expert of the Department of Cardiac Surgery in Fuwai Hospital. He also assumed part-time posts like member of CAMS Academic Degree Committee and technical advisor for PLA General Hospital, Navy General Hospital and Air Force General Hospital.

Xiaodong Zhu was also a co-founder of CAMS Fuwai Hospital.