Shixin Lu 



Chinese Academy of Sciences


Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Professor Shixin Lu, academician of CAS, researcher and doctoral supervisor, graduated from Dalian Medical College in 1956. He then graduated from the Institute of Internal Secretion of Bucharest Medical College in Romania with the degree of Candidate of Sciences; in 1997, he was selected to be academician of CAS. He used to serve as a researcher in Oncology Institute (hospital) of CAMS, Head of Oncology Institute (hospital) of CAMS, Director of WHO China Cooperative Research Center for Tumor, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Chairman of Tumor Pathogenesis Professional Council of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, and Chairman of the Academic Committee of China Cancer Research Foundation.

He used to assume projects of National Science and Technology Key Issues and Major Project (973 Project) of National Fundamental Research, National 863 Research Program, Public Welfare Research of the Ministry of Science and Technology and projects of Natural Science Foundation of China, and used to be granted RO1 funding project of NIH. He’s mainly engaged in researches of etiology of tumor, chemocarcinogenesis and principle of cancerization. He made pioneering jobs in the research of chemical etiology of tumor and achieved significantly, especially in the etiology of nitrosamine for esophagus cancer in Lin County, thus providing both theoretical basis and measures for the prevention of and intervention into esophagus cancer. On the basis of studying oncogene and antioncogene in esophagus cancer tissue, he managed to clone four new genes related to the cancer and had it registered at GenBank, with serial researches made about the structures and functions of these genes. So far, researchers of the US, Germany, Japan, Canada and India are studying the genes he cloned.

Tumor stem cell has become a leading field in tumor research in recent years, and Prof. Lu was among the earliest to advocate the importance and necessity of tumor stem cell research. He was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China and 973 Project to achieve beautifully and has had papers about tumor stem cell researches in journals like Cancer Research and Stem Cell and Development. He hosted the First and Second Int’l Tumor Stem Cell Conference, organized the compilation of “Stem Cell and Tumor” and “Theory and Application of Cancer Stem Cell”. Shixin Lu was an important driving force for China’s research of tumor stem cell and launched new thoughts and paths for oncology researches and targeting therapy of tumor.

Conducting researches of Tumor Etiology for more than 60 years, Prof. Shixin Lu has had more than 150 scientific papers published in and out of China, leading to edit two monographs and joining in compilation of five monographs; he used to serve as editorial board member for four int’l tumor journals and nearly 10 tumor journals in China. He used to win the third place in National Award for Natural Sciences, the third place in National Science and Technology Progress Award and three Grade-A awards of the Ministry of Health, Top 10 Science and Technology Achievements Award during the period of National Eight-year Plan, and Beijing Labor Medal.