Yan Sun 

M.D Ph.D 


Chinese Society of Engineering,Beijing,China


Asia Clinical Oncology Society and Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology

Professor Yan Sun, CPC member, was born in 1929, having his native place in Dongting City, Hebei Province. He’s a famous clinical oncologist and one of the founders and pioneers of medical treatment of tumor in China, and senior doctor in Cancer hospital and professor in PUMC. He graduated from Yenching University with Bachelor’s Degree in 1951; in 1956 he graduated from PUMC with Doctor’s Degree; then from 1980 to 1981, he served as guest professor in MD Anderson Cancer Center. He used to be the Head of the Medical Department in Cancer hospital between 1964 and 1992. He now works part time as Vice Chairman of CFC and Honorary Chairman of ACOS and CSCO. He also used to serve as a member of WHO Cancer Advisory Committee and UICC Education Committee, enjoying a certain reputation in the world. He was admitted into the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1999.

He’s engaged in clinical practices and experimental researches about medical treatment of tumors for more than half a century. He’s achieved outstandingly in developing clinical oncology in China and continuing to advocate multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment of tumor, developing domestic and overseas new anti-tumor drugs, applying modern scientific techniques to clarify the immunoregulatory effect of traditional Chinese medicine, especially in having it inhibit Ts cell viability overactive in tumor sufferers, and treating lymphoma, lung cancer and testiculoma. He’s won awards in and out of China for many times, including one first place in National Science and Technology Progress Award (for new targeted drug icotinib hydrochloride), two second places (for targeted cancer treatment and elemene), one invention award (for recombinant human blood vessel endostatin) and several provincial and ministerial awards, and four patents for invention. The Glossy Privet Fruit and Astragalus Body Strengthening Products he developed have been widely applied in and out of China, advancing the development of pharmacy in Dingxi to rid the very poor region of poverty, so that he’s also listed among those “Touching Gansu” in 2012.

As a representative of China’s clinical oncology, he’s taken part in the healthcare of domestic and overseas leaders and celebrities for many years and made great contributions, thus awarded Outstanding Healthcare Expert. He’s an Excellent Educator, Top Doctor and Lifetime Achievement Award winner in PUMC; he used to be honored Beijing Model Doctor and Outstanding Worker of National Health Institutions. He had more than 400 papers published and edited 41 monographs, including Chemotherapy of Tumor, Manual of Medical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Lung Cancer and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine for Prevention and Cure of Tumor. He’s now the Director of National New Drugs (anti-tumor) Clinical Research Center of NCC. He’s committed to education, believing that education can be the extension of his academic activities. He’s trained 45 doctors and four masters; he boasts high decent medical ethics and academic strictness; he still makes rounds of the wards, provides outpatient service and consultation till today to serve tumor sufferers. In recent years, he’s also ardent about science popularization to actively promote the knowledge of tumor prevention and cure.