Jie He 



Chinese Academy of Sciences

Doctoral Supervisor

Chinese Society of Sciences

Professor Jie He, CPC member, was born in Aug. 1960 in Changchun City, Jilin Province, having his native place inShenyang, Liaoning. He graduated from Norman Bethune Medical University in 1984 and won Doctor’s Degree from PUMC in 1993. He’s now Head of National Cancer Center, President and Secretary of CPC Committee of CAMS Cancer Hospital, academician of CAS, senior doctor and doctoral supervisor.

Academician Jie He has long been engaged in medical, educational and research practices thoracic cancer surgery and has so far conducted nearly 10,000 operations on thoracic cancers, creatively solving the problems of surgical treatment of many patients of complicated and critical cases and advanced ages, achieving world advanced level in the excision rate, incidence rate of complications and perioperative mortality. He created a system of key technologies for standardized treatment of esophagus cancer in China and established diagnosis standards and standardized diagnosis and treatment guidelines to be promoted around the nation, thus comprehensively enhancing the level of diagnosing and treating esophagus cancer in China. He launched fundamental researches and clinical trials for molecular typing of lung cancer and esophagus cancer and individualized treatment, drew abnormal non-coding RNA molecular spectra of lung cancer and esophagus cancer, revealed the mechanism of action of several miRNAs in the formation and development of tumors, found and verified new tumor markers like IDH1. In 2013, he won the first place in National Science and Technology Progress Award (as No.1 holder).

He serves as Chairman-elect of Chinese Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Honorary Chairman of Esophagus Cancer Professional Board of Chinese Anti-cancer Association, Chairman-elect of CMDA Thoracic Surgeon Branch, and Editor-in-chief of journals like Chinese Journal of Oncology and China Cancer.