Linfang Wang 



Chinese Society of Engineering

Professor Linfang Wang was born in Nov. 1929 and studied in the major of Medical Molecular Biology. She’s a researcher, doctoral supervisor and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

She graduated from the Department of Biochemistry in PUMC with Master’s Degree in 1959, then she went to Moscow Academy of Sciences of the former Soviet Union for further study from 1960 to 1961, then has been working in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lab in the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences of CAMS after returned to China. From 1981 to 1983, she was granted Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Rockefeller Foundation to study Reproductive Biology in New York Biomedical Research Center. She used to serve as Dean of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Director of the National Key Laboratory of Medical Molecular Biology, Director of Chinese Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Special Committee, Chairman of Beijing Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society and Deputy Editor-in-chief of Chinese Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; she’s now Honorary Director of the National Key Laboratory for Medical Molecular Biology and Vice Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences.

Academician Linfang Wang has been engaged in research and teaching for more than 60 years, long devoted to studying the relationship between protein structure and antigenicity. In the 1960s, she applied fundamental research findings to practices and led the preparation of two kinds of animal serum as plasma substitute for combat readiness; in the 1970s, she launched explorations into the molecular basis of acupuncture anaesthesia, which won the Achievement Award at National Science Conference in 1978 together with other departments in the Institute; in 1978, she organized and led reproductive molecular biology study to make male germ cell the object to systematically explore the purification, structure and function and gene expression and regulation of sperm protein, making her a pioneer in China’s research of reproductive molecular biology study. In recent years, she went further to study the structure and function of the gene/protein of program expression during the generation and development of sperm at the molecular level, the cell level and the overall level, hoping to have a scientific knowledge of the molecular mechanism of spermatogenesis and explore into its relationship with the formation and development of some serious diseases (like cancer and sterility). Some of her researches won the first place in Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Health in 1993 and the second place of National Natural Science in 1995.

Academician Linfang Wang used to be awarded “National Laborer Medal”, “National Elite Female Worker”, “National Top Female Worker”, “Outstanding Graduate Supervisor in PUMC” and “PUMC Elite Teacher”; she has had more than 100 papers published and supervised more than 100 masters and doctors.