Yan Shen 



Chinese Academy of Sciences


Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Academician Yan Shen was born in Oct. 1951 and was elected to be academician of CAS in 2003. He used to be Dean of PUMC Foundation School, Head of the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Vice Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, deputy to the 12th NPC, member of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports, Vice Chairman of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Deputy Director of National Key Laboratory for Medical Molecular Biology, Vice Chairman of Genetics Society of China and editorial board member of journals like Science China.

Academician Yan Shen is mainly engaged in researches of gene identification for human genetic diseases, DNA-based diagnosis and molecular mechanisms of diseases. By cooperating with clinical units, he was the first in the world to find that the gene mutation of DSPP causes hereditary dentinogenesis imperfect, H-gene mutation of T-type calcium channel is related to the attack of childhood absence epilepsy, SCN9A gene mutation of α-subunit of sodium channel causes erythromelalgia, and CRYGS gene mutation leads to congenital cataract without complications.As for the research of predisposing genes of complicated diseases, he raised the new research strategy of analyzing the relationship between polygene joint effect and diseases and cooperated with several units to start with schizophrenia to study the whole pathway related to the disease for the first time and analyze the relationship between the gene combination effect involved in the pathway and predisposition to the disease. The strategy and method was spoke highly of by world peers. He also joined in the 1% genomic sequencing assumed by China in HGP and DNA sequencing for microbial genomes like shigella dysenteriae F’s 2A strain. He was also involved in the research of genetic diagnosis of genetic diseases like Hemophilia A, Thalassemia and Fragile X Symdrome. He won two second places of National Natural Science Award and was a Special-term Professor included in “Yangtze River Scholar Incentive Program”. In 2007, he won “National Labor Medal”.